Less than truckload


Need to transport a small freight? Are you tired of looking for the proper truck? Then, consider our LTL freight service. It’s the best solution for those whose freight is under 15,000 lbs. and who want to cut transportation costs.

Less-than-truckload shipping or LTL for short is one of the trendiest services these days. It’s characterized by excellent flexibility, efficiency, and speed. If you haven’t still experienced the advantages of this shipping method, we offer you to get acquainted with the main benefits you get when using our service:

  • You save money.

The main peculiar feature of LTL is that small shipments from various companies or private customers are combined in one truck. You don’t need to pay for the whole truck. You pay only for the weight of your freight;

  • Minimal risks of loss or damages.

Nobody wants to get broken or damaged products. That’s why it’s of prime importance to select only reliable freight companies. Our experts know for sure how to store and load any items. We place your goods onto pallets or into crates. Moreover, it’s worth highlighting that we sort various products according to their features. We don’t place fragile items in one truck with heavy construction materials. It means your cargo is well protected during transportation;

  • Quicker delivery time.

Time is rather precious. With the LTL option, you get your shipments faster because there are fewer stops and weigh-ins take less time;

  • Environmental friendliness.

It’s not a secret that nowadays the case of environmental pollution is of crucial importance. If you are aware of environmental issues, you can’t but appreciate our partial truckload delivery. It’s possible to reduce emissions while fewer trucks are used.        

Our option of LTL delivery is an ideal choice for both large and small companies. We are ready to transport your cargo in no time. It’s a real Wild Card for e-commerce and retails. Moreover, our company works both inside and outside the country. No matter, how far the destination of your freight is, you can count on professional and timely delivery.  


  • Expedited
  • Guaranteed
  • Volume LTL
  • Hazmat

It has never been easier to get a freight quote. Everything you should do is fill in a simple online form and enjoy awesome service. You can select a carrier, define deadlines, and choose the most convenient payment method.


We offer a wide range of logistics services you’ll definitely appreciate. Excellent Air/Road/Ocean Freight, efficient distribution services, reliable brokerage, or LTL, it doesn’t matter what you order. You always get top-quality services at reasonable prices. Send us a request to get to know the details.