Excellent Truckload: Perks You Can’t but Appreciate

The greater part of businesses can’t cope without road shipping. The most convenient and cost-saving variant is the full truck load option. It allows you to ship more than 10 pallets in one go. This variation of shipping is a perfect solution for those who deal with large quantities of products or goods. It’s also a superb way out for those who need to transport goods that take the whole truck.

Excel Logistics offers you to experience all the advantages of our full truckload services.  The main of them are the following:

  • Say no to constant uploads, download, and just loads.

Thanks to the FTL, you can forget about the necessity to control dozens of lorries that are transporting your freight. All your goods are carried by one truck from pick-up to drop-off;

  • Don’t worry about damages or losses.

The carriers deliver only your cargo. It means the number of stops is limited. There is no need to upload or download the truck during transportation. The risk of losing your items is minimal;

  • Enjoy the fast delivery.

As the truck has to do no other pickups or drop-offs along the way, you get your cargo as soon as possible. FTL is one of the winning variants when it comes to shipping perishable goods.     

We realize that shipping needs and expectations differ. We are able to please even the most demanding clients and provide you with stress-free and top-quality full truckload services. Hiring our company, you get not only top-notch truckload carriers with an unblemished reputation. You also get the absolute certainty that your loads will be delivered on time safe and sound. You can’t but appreciate reasonable prices. You know how much and what you should pay. Our awesome staff is able to do everything possible (and sometimes even impossible) to meet your requirements. Right from managers to truck drivers, we work only with reliable, skilled, and experienced people.

Our aim is to make the shipping process trouble-free, convenient, and affordable for everyone. It doesn’t matter where the destination is or how big the cargo is. We are to execute the order of any level of complexity. We are to pick up the most appropriate type of truck for your cargo and make up the best route. 

  • Long and short haul
  • Drop trailer
  • Expedited/team
  • High risk/high value
  • Dedicated fleet
  • Specialty services: Hazmat/multi-stop/power only