Shipping Valuable Items with Freight Delivery Services: Helpful Tips

Shipping Valuable Items

Freight forwarding is not only about delivering building materials, food, or supplies for manufacturing. There are companies that need to transport high-value items such as works of art, jewelry, and high-priced gadgets.

It’s clear that it’s not a good idea to entrust your precious belongings to the first freight forwarder you find on the Net. The first thing you should do is to choose a reliable and credible shipper. You have to search the thematic blogs, read as many reviews as possible, and contact the forwarders. If you are not experienced in logistics at all, it may be rather intricate to make the right choice. The following tips are to help you to transfer your cargo fast and safely.

How to Get a Quote

If your shipment includes fragile or valuable items, you must inform shippers. Moreover, you have to provide logistics forwarders with the following information:

  • Weight and dimensions of the articles you need to deliver.

There are lots of available trucks, trailers, and containers that are used by shippers. The wrong choice of the van may lead to the damage of the property. To avoid problems, you have to point out exact sizes of the items;    

  • Value of the cargo.

 Insurance is a must. You have to define the exact price of your cargo. It’s necessary in order to calculate fees and charges. Moreover, this information is needed to get the most suitable insurance plan;  

  • Type of shipment.

You are to choose between FTL or LTL options. If you do not know exactly what service you need, you can consult with the experts. The top-rated freight forwarding companies provide their customers with superb support. The managers help to pick up the best solutions and offer affordable prices;  

  • Destination.

Some people need to transport their valuables to the next neighborhood while others require outbound relocation. Moreover, shippers need to know the destination point in order to make up the most optimal route. By the way, if you know that there are road works on the potential route, it’s better to inform the experts. It saves you time;   

  • Deadlines.   

Freight forwarders know for sure that all the clients want their cargo to be delivered in no time. Yet, you have to set up reasonable deadlines. Shippers provide you with detailed information on delivery terms. Moreover, with the help of special apps, you can track your cargo from start to finish.  

The next important moment is deadlines. It’s better to place an order as early as possible. The thing is the logistics officers have to prepare the needed packing materials, pick up proper vehicles, and make up the most optimal route. If the experts are limited in time, it’s not always possible to provide clients with the best logistics solutions. Packing items in a hurry may lead to breakages and damages. Moreover, some artworks require special trucks or containers. It may take some time to find them, especially when it comes to local freight delivery services. So, it’s quite real to transfer your fragile and unique items to any distance within the shortest possible time. Choose the best logistics specialists and enjoy impeccable service and lightning-fast delivery.