A Lift Gate: What is It?

Speaking about a lift gate, we understand a service that is usually offered by cargo carriers. So what is it, and is it necessary for cargo senders?


Let’s think about its function. A lift gate helps place heavy goods in the trailer gates. It seems to be like a mini-lift, that is attached to the truck. A truck equipped with gates has a steel basis. Thanks to this, a driver gets an opportunity to move boxes and pallets up and down. The benefit of a lift gate is that all moves are launched by pressing only one button.

Who offers such a service?

The service is usually offered by cargo carriers whose activity is specialized in carrier fleets. As for the cargo senders, who deal with less than truckload shipping, they often don’t have enough freight for a full truck. And they don’t have large warehouses equipped with unloading utilities. In this case, senders pay the extra money and use trucks that are equipped with lift gates. 


If there is no loading dock nearby, be ready to be responsible for moving heavy goods from the floor into the truck. Sometimes it leads to damage. Using a lift gate, you will be sure that the freight is protected. A lift gate also has other advantages. Firstly, it is staff reduction. You need fewer people for performing loading and unloading operations. Secondly, a loading dock is not a must. One more tool that is not necessary is a forklift. 


The ways of preparation and loading depend on your business locations and budget. For example, some cargo senders have no opportunity to use a loading dock or a forklift. A variant of cooperating with outsourcing can be rather expansive.  

As for the conclusion, we can say that if you want to save money and minimize the risk of damage, it’s better to hire a cargo carrier, whose trucks are equipped with lift gates.