Concealed Damage Freight: What You Should Do

Concealed Freight Damage

Freight forwarding may become a rather stressful and problematic process unless you cooperate with competent and reliable carriers. One of the most unpleasant things you may face during the transportation of your cargo is the so-called concealed freight damage. It happens when your parcels arrive at the destination point not in perfect condition. If the possible spoilage is not reported on the Proof of Delivery, you should be ready to face significant difficulties.

It’s necessary to understand what the main reasons for concealed damage freight are:

  • Improper packaging.

Unfortunately, lots of business owners tend to save some extra money by ignoring the packing of their cargo. As a result, the items may be spoiled. The  financial losses the entrepreneurs may experience are often several times larger than the price of proper packing;

  • Temperature changes.

When it comes to shipping perishable goods or foods, it’s of prime importance to provide excellent temperature control. If something goes wrong, the products are spoiled. Yet, a quick survey of the items is not able to detect  possible harm;

  • Inefficient loading of the goods.

It often happens if you cooperate with doubtful carriers. The absence of proper loading equipment and untrained personnel may drop boxes. It leads to breakages but they can’t be detected until the boxes are opened.

Moreover, sometimes it happens that manufacturers do not provide the carriers with the needed number of items. During the transportation period, some of the articles may be stolen.

No matter what the reason for the concealed freight damages is, you should know how to act in such a situation. The first important thing you have to remember is the importance of careful examination of your cargo. When the parcels are received, they should be surveyed from A to Z. You should do it as fast as possible. The thing is you have only five days to place a claim.

The claim should be submitted to the final carrier. You have to indicate the type of damages and the number of items which were spoiled. It’s also necessary to attach a copy of the commercial invoice, as well as pictures of the damaged packaging and content.

The best way to avoid such issues is to cooperate with logistics companies which have the seamless reputation and perfect experience. The competent forwarders know for sure when and how they need to examine cargo. They have all the needed tools and equipment to avoid possible spoilage. Moreover, a competent logistics broker often offers you the best insurance plans. They cover all the possible problems and allow you to avoid financial losses.    

Keep in mind, in general, your third-party logistics broker has the responsibility to ensure accurate and safe transportation of your parcels. It means most concealed damage freight claims will land on the 3PL shipper.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that it’s up to you to make the process of chipping cargo as convenient and easy as possible. By choosing a proper logistics broker, you get rid of a greater part of problems. Moreover, it’s still necessary to keep everything under your control.