Green Logistics: Main Features, Pluses, and Minuses

Green Logistics

Nowadays you can hardly find an industry that doesn’t concern itself with environmental issues. It has become a  popular trend to take care of nature and prevent environmental pollution. Logistics is one of the most polluting industries. Emissions are rather huge especially when it comes to truck shipping. Various attempts are made to minimize pollution. The concept of green logistics is becoming more and more crucial. Below you may figure out what this concept implies and discover its main pluses and minuses.

When it comes to warehousing, the use of solar energy is a good solution to reduce costs and help nature. You may observe copious buildings with large solar panels on the top. The energy that is produced with such panels may be used to supply computers, tools, and equipment with electricity.   

There are two major advantages you can’t but appreciate. The first one is definitely the care about the environment. By using eco-friendly techniques, it’s possible to minimize pollution. It benefits not only the area you live in but the whole country or even the globe. Nowadays there are so many ecological disasters that it seems to be a good idea to reduce emissions to some extent.

The next essential advantage is fuel efficiency. Everyone who has ever dealt with freight forwarding knows for sure how expensive fuel is. It’s one of the major objects of expenditure no matter whether it comes to the truck, air, or ship mode of transportation. 

Although the advantages of green logistics sound so great, the reality is a little bit different. There are several significant disadvantages you should consider. The first one is price. Nowadays it’s very expensive to take care of nature. All green technologies are rather expensive. If freight forwarders want to abandon the use of traditional vehicles and replace them with more eco-friendly alternatives, they have to be ready to pay the whole fortune for it. The same is true about the reduction in plastic use. The thing is it’s not a good idea to replace plastic pallets or containers with wooden ones while it doesn’t sound like an eco-friendly solution.    

The next disadvantage is the impossibility to complete as many orders as possible with the help of such technologies. Modern transportation modes are more productive and effective at the moment. Truck logistics is still a leader in the transportation market.

The greater part of modern transportation companies tries to implement at least several elements of green logistics. They clearly realize that this concept is able to help not only to reduce CO2 emissions. It allows them to unlock in future significant cost savings, heighten supply chain optimization, and boost business performance.            

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that green logistics is a relatively new trend. It is only gaining momentum. There are only a few companies that are able to implement copious “green” technologies in the transportation process. Yet, modern logistics is still more about traditional technologies and tools. It’s not the question of the nearest future but of several coming decades.