Making the Right Choice of Your 3PL Partner

3PL Partner

Being a business owner is an awesome experience. It’s not only a perfect way to make money but also to meet lots of people and build strong social relationships. Nowadays it becomes more and more popular to launch a startup or begin your own business instead of working in the office from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. Yet, your own enterprise is not only about money and interesting business trips. It’s also about responding to crucial situations and dealing with unexpected difficulties.

If you do not have enough experience to deal with shipping issues or have no opportunities to organize your own logistics unit, it’s a good idea to cooperate with a competent 3PL partner. Luckily, nowadays there is a great selection of available options. The following information helps you to make the right choice of a 3PL partner for your business.

Reputation is important

The greater part of newbies pays attention only to the price. Yet, may lead to the wrong choice of the forwarder. The first thing you have to pay attention to is reviews by clients of the 3PL company. You should be ready to spend some time finding and learning the information about available forwarders. 

Pay attention to the coverage area

Some firms deal only with intestate delivery while others are ready to transport your cargo worldwide. The same is true about enterprises. They all have different needs. It’s up to you to choose the firm that works in a needed area.

Moreover, it’s necessary to keep in mind that a 3PL firm should not obligatorily possess its own capacities. The brokers establish the needed connections with private carriers, drivers, and smaller shipping services. Thus, when you place an order, a 3PL partner contacts the necessary specialists to organize excellent freight forwarding for you. No wonder, you should consider how extensive the connections of this or that 3PL broker are.


Although financial issues are not the only ones you should consider when looking for a reliable freight forwarder, it’s not a good idea to choose the cheapest option. Otherwise, you risk losing both money and cargo.

It’s important to realize what services are included in the final price. There are several ways in which transportation costs are charged. You have to clarify this aspect in order to avoid unexpected expenditures.


You can hardly find a business owner who doesn’t want to receive his goods and products in no time. It’s up to you to decide what deadlines are crucial for your company. If you deal with time-sensitive items, it’s necessary to pick up a carrier who is able to complete extra urgent orders. Expedited shipping is a perfect solution for you. Moreover, deadlines depend on the chosen mode of transportation. It’s clear that it takes more time to deliver cargo via ship than via ship. Yet, the most popular variant is still truck logistics while it’s the most profitable one.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that these days a reliable and skillful 3PL partner is a must if you want to promote and develop your brand.  Proper shipping helps you to retain regular clients and get new audiences.