Shipping Merchant Exports: Things You Should Know

Shipping Merchant Exports

Freight forwarding is a rather competitive industry. For logistics brokers, it’s becoming more and more difficult to combat opponents and stay afloat. No wonder, the greater part of transportation firms offers a wide spectrum of services. They are ready to deal with both local and international shipments. The following information will be useful and helpful for those who need to transport merchant export goods.

The first thing to clarify is actually the meaning of the term “merchant exports”. This term often refers to foreign trade. Merchant exports are goods that an exporter doesn’t manufacture but instead purchases from a local supplier for exporting to the buyer. No wonder, there are lots of rules and regulations that should be followed.

The first step you should take is to find a reliable and experienced international freight forwarder. Although on the Net, there are hundreds of offers, not all transportation companies deal with this type of cargo. Moreover, you should not forget that it’s necessary to organize the transportation process in the country you buy items in. Luckily, nowadays it’s possible to hire a carrier from any corner of the globe online. The next crucial step is to arrange all the legal aspects. It goes without saying that all the documents, papers, and permissions should be in order. Otherwise, your goods won’t cross the border and will be confiscated in the port (when it comes to ocean shipping). All the papers should be filled in the right way. You may be surprised to get to know that one of the most common problems with merchant exports is incorrect documentation.

It’s also necessary to think about proper insurance. It’s not enough to rely only on standard cargo coverage. If you want to feel safe and patient, it’s better to purchase an appropriate insurance plan. By the way, it’s also possible to do it online.

It’s also necessary to follow the packaging and marking rules. They may vary from country to country. Your task is to clarify this aspect and use proper labeling. The next thing you have to do is to secure payments. Nowadays blockchain technologies allow you to pay without any risks. 

If you are going to be a merchant exporter, it’s a cool idea to cooperate with 3PL brokers. They are able to cope with all the transportation issues. They have a wide net of contacts. For them, it’s easier to pick up the best warehousing opinion in a foreign country or to find an additional truck when something goes wrong. Moreover, due to the tough competition among forwarders, you won’t pay for their services with all the money in the world.

So, the main condition of the successful shipping of the merchant exports is the right choice of freight forwarder. Although there are lots of possible variants, you should spend some time choosing the one that perfectly meets the needs and budget of your company. Only then you may be sure that your cargo will be delivered intact and on time and you won’t experience significant financial losses or legal proceedings.