Major Challenges of Maritime Shipping You Should Know About

Major Challenges of Maritime Shipping

The modern business world is transforming. Traditional methods of works are changed with more innovative and digitalized ones. Thanks to automation, it has become possible to get rid of copious routine repetitive tasks. More and more companies rely on bots and robots. Such changes can’t but affect the logistics industry.

Just a hundred years ago, ships were widely used to transport different cargoes throughout the world. With the development of technologies, new ways of delivery appeared. Nowadays modern business owners have a perfect opportunity to choose among a wide spectrum of versatile logistics options. Maritime shipping is not as popular as it was before. Not all entrepreneurs order this service.    

There are several reasons for the maritime shipping crisis. The most significant of them are the following:

  • Specialization.

If you need to transport a box or two, it’s not the best solution to choose this mode of transportation. It’s a perfect way out for large firms which deal with voluminous and non-standard cargo. Moreover, it’s not the best solution for perishable and time-sensitive products. 

  • Prices.

Ocean delivery is still trendy among large corporations. They deal with great volumes of goods they need to transport at a time. For them, this mode of transportation is affordable and even profitable. For other business owners, it’s better to look for cheaper alternatives unless it comes to intercontinental shipping.

  • Speed.

Truck forwarding allows you to deliver goods in no time. If the distance is minimum, it’s even possible to get cargo within 48 or even 24 hours. Ships are not so fast. It takes a significantly longer time to transport goods from point A to point B. Ocean transportation may take several weeks or even months depending on the peculiarities of the route.   

  • Lots of paperwork.

There is one more important factor you should consider when dealing with maritime shipping. It requires filling in copious papers and getting endless permissions. You should be ready to spend several weeks or even months preparing all the needed papers.

At the same time, it should be highlighted that today no one mode of transportation is fully replaced maritime shipping. Someone may argue that air transportation is able to be a good alternative. Yet, when it comes to shipping non-standard cargo, planes are not the best solution. There are too many restrictions and limitations.   

Yet, when looking for alternatives to ocean shipping, it’s of prime importance to pay attention to the quality and reputation of freight delivery services you are going to cooperate with. The thing is the greater part of freight forwarders, 3PL partners, or logistics brokers are available online. At the same time, scammers are not rare. Nobody wants to pay money but receive no services.  Moreover, it’s necessary to pick a broker who provides the options you are interested in.

So, maritime shipping slowly begins to lose its popularity. It happens due to changes in business models. At the same time, it should be highlighted that this mode of transportation is unlike to disappear at all.