Healthy 3PL Relationships: Useful Information for Business Owners

Healthy 3PL Relationships

More and more entrepreneurs choose 3PL agencies when they transport their goods and products. The modern logistics industry is able to meet the needs and expectations of a wide spectrum of clients. Yet, disputes between business owners and brokers are not rare. The reasons for conflicts may be different. If you want to avoid possible difficulties and troubles, it’s necessary to build friendly and credible relationships.

There are 5 key elements of healthy 3PL relationships you should know about. They are the following:

  • Comprehensive and accurate information about your cargo.

The first step every business owner should take to order 3PL freight forwarding services is to place an order. This process implies providing brokers with all the needed information about cargo, destination, and special requirements. It’s not a good idea to hide some facts. Thus, quite often shippers show the wrong weight of the cargo trying to save some money in such a way. Yet, all the freights are measured several times before shipping.  

  • You order only those services that are offered by the chosen agency.

Have you ever tried to buy a new hat in bakeries? The question sounds a little bit silly, doesn’t it? But you may be surprised to get to know that some people try to order international shipping in 3PL firms that deals only with interstate transportation. You may count on top-quality services only if you offer available options.  

  • You should pay for the work.

It goes without saying that freight forwarding services are not free. You have to pay for each service you receive.

  • If something changes, you have to inform specialists as soon as possible.

Every entrepreneur knows for sure that it’s impossible to predict all unexpected situations. Something may go wrong. The circumstances can be changed. It’s of prime importance to inform forwarders if it’s necessary to alter a destination point, deadlines, or mode of transportation. Top-rated and credible brokers always try to make deals to please their clients (especially usuals).   

  • You have the right to track and monitor the whole process of 3 PL freight forwarding.

Entrepreneurs may count on top-quality assistance and support during the whole process of transportation. Nowadays the greater part of logistics agencies offers special tracking applications. With their help, it’s possible to check where your freight is and when it’s supposed to arrive at the point of destination.  

Nowadays the assortment of available logistics services is awesome. It’s possible to find an ideal variant that suits the very your enterprise. While selecting your favorites, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with reviews by former clients. You are to consider the reputation and ratings of the forwarder. It’s also necessary to clarify the details of cooperation such as pricing policy, coverage area, emergency response, and some others.

So, a reliable 3PL partner is one of the key elements in the successful functioning of your business. Yet, you should be ready to provide brokers with all the needed information in order to get the services you are interested in.