Hailing VS the Same Day Delivery: What’s Better?

Same Day Delivery

Delivery services are booming these days. Only a couple of years ago only a few users found it more convenient to buy goods and products online. The greater part of buyers made the purchases offline. Today the situation is different. No wonder, the question of how to deliver orders to the final consumers is rather relevant.

The greater part of people wants to get their purchases as soon as possible. They are to cooperate with the companies that offer same-day delivery. This option is rather popular and widespread. There is a huge competition between hailing and same-day delivery. Thus, if you doubt what is better for your business, the following information may be rather useful for you.

It’s necessary to clarify what hailing is. It’s an on-demand delivery service. It’s a ride-hailing option for companies to ship products from their suppliers to their own retail stores.   

The main advantages of hailing include the following points:

  • Fast speed.

The greater part of people is to receive their orders within several hours when they decide to use hailing services.

  • Awesome flexibility.

There is no need for warehousing while drivers pick up orders straight from the stores and transport them directly to the final consumer’s house. 

  • Cheap prices.

Such services are usually not very expensive. Users are to save money. 

At the same time, there are several disadvantages you should consider:

  • The possibility to transport a limited assortment of products.

It’s possible to deliver only small items in such a way. If you need to transport huge equipment elements or construction materials, it’s better to look for other alternatives. The same is true about hazardous materials.  

  • This option is available not in all locations.

Although ride-hailing is gaining popularity, it’s available only in large cities. If it’s necessary to deliver goods to remote areas, you can hardly find a good solution.    

  • Low safety.

As a rule, students are drivers. They have minimal experience. Thus, they have no idea how to make up optimal routes and avoid car crashes. Sometimes, they can even abandon an order just because they do not want to deliver it (it’s typical for companies with doubtful reputations). 

At the same time, same-time delivery is a good solution for those business owners who deal with large cargo and want to experience expedited shipping. Nowadays there are lots of logistics brokers who offer this option to their customers. One of the main pluses of this type of transportation is the possibility to ensure the safety of your goods. Insurance is a must if you hire a freight forwarder.

At the same time, both hailing and same-day delivery firms use tracking applications. They allow clients to monitor the movements of their orders via smartphone or laptop.  

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that although hailing is a rather popular way to deliver orders to buyers, it’s a good solution only for a limited assortment of products. When it comes to shipping large bulks, it’s impossible to cope without professional freight forwarders.