Liftgate Service: When You Should Order It

Liftgate Service

Nowadays it’s possible to transport everything. No matter how complicated your order is, it’s only necessary to find a proper freight forwarding company and the specialists transport your cargo intact and very swift. The task of both shippers and carriers is to do everything to deliver cargo in the best possible way.

Experienced shippers know there are some services that are able to make the process of transportation as convenient as possible. 

There are several reasons why it’s important to order a liftgate service if your cargo is over 150 pounds:

  • The safety of your shipment.

Improper handling with freight may lead to damages and, as a result, to significant financial problems. 

  • Faster loading process.

 It’s possible to cut off the total shipping time. While the loading activities are performed with the tools, they take minimum time. 

  • Minimal risks to workers.

If workers follow all the safety instructions carefully, the risks of injury are low.

It’s only a few of the major reasons why you should not ignore this option. By the way, it’s a big mistake to think that it’s good only for FTL transportation. It’s more common for LTL shippers. Why? This is due to the peculiarities of the LTL freight. Less-than-truckload freight shipping is an awesome solution for those business owners who have to deliver small items. It’s not profitable to hire the whole truck. Then, several shipments are loaded in one truck. The most optimal route is made up to meet the needs of all the participants. The boxes are delivered one after another.

The small sizes of the items do not mean that the cargo is light. And here the problems come. There are different types of warehouses. Not all of them possess the needed tools and equipment to organize the downloading and uploading processes. Moreover, if the cargo is delivered straight to the door, the same question arises – “How to download containers?” The liftgate service is exactly what you need. It implies using a truck affixed with a piece of hydraulic or electric equipment. It is installed on the back of a van. With its help, the freight is lifted several feet from off the ground to the tailgate of the van or lowered from the van’s tailgate to the ground. 

You should keep in mind that the liftgate service is not free. You have to pay for the use of additional equipment. The prices are different and depend on the type of the cargo, its weight, and peculiarities.

Of course, it’s of prime importance to cooperate with reliable and competent 3PL partners. If logistics brokers offer you to offload heavy items but do not have the necessary equipment and are going to perform all the actions manually, it’s better to look for better alternatives. Before you sign a contract, you should clarify whether the firm possesses all the needed equipment to perform the liftgate service. It’s also a good idea to get acquainted with reviews from former or present customers.  

So, liftgate service is a must for those business owners who deal with heavy shipments but do not possess the needed tools and equipment to download or upload items by themselves.