Why Order Are Confused During Shipping? Main Reasons Explained

Confused During Shipping

Just imagine a situation. You’ve ordered the dress of your dream online. You’ve chosen the most convenient delivery option and even paid for it. Finally, the bell rings, and the courier delivers you the package. You open it and it suddenly turns out that it’s not your dress – it’s a screwdriver set!

Such situations happen quite often. You can hardly find a shipper who has never faced the issue of confused orders. And if the situation described above may lead only to disappointment, sometimes such confusion may lead to significant financial losses and crucial disruption in the supply chain functioning. Why is this happening? In order to avoid such problems, get to know the main reasons for confused orders and plan your shipments more carefully.

Human Errors

It’s the prime reason why goods are not delivered to the right place and on time. Freight forwarders may make mistakes while preparing papers for you. Moreover, you can make mistakes while filling an online form when placing an order. Your task is to check all the details carefully. If you notice some errors, it’s necessary to inform managers as soon as possible.   

Mode of Transportation

In order to save money, many online business owners prefer to use LTL freight delivery. It’s a really cool solution for the representatives of e-commerce. It implies that several shipments are combined into one. It helps to reduce shipping costs. Yet, at the same time, it often leads to order confusion.

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up the idea of using the LTL freight delivery option. It’s only necessary to hire competent and experienced brokers who use reliable tracking technologies and label all the packages.     

Computer glitches

Automation becomes more and more popular among freight forwarders. The greater part of time-consuming and repetitive tasks is performed by bots and computers. If you think that it fully excludes the possibility of mistakes, you are wrong. Computers make mistakes, too. If something goes wrong with the apps or software. drivers may receive the wrong answers. Or the wrong boxes can be downloaded at the warehouses. 

Poor staff

There are lots of shippers who desire to save money and hire the first cheapest forwarder they find on the Internet. It goes without saying, such firms do not often possess proper equipment as well as workers. As a result, they do not care about the cargo they are transporting. You can easily avoid such problems. It’s necessary to cooperate only with reliable and trustworthy freight brokers. You are to research reviews and ratings of the firm you are interested in. Moreover, you have to pay attention to 

If you are a retailer and want to satisfy your clients, your task is to incorporate a proper algorithm of actions in case of confused orders. It’s necessary to deliver goods to the right destination as soon as possible. Sometimes clients are to get reimbursement instead of goods. To sum it up up, it should be noticed that modern freight forwarders do everything possible to make cargo shipping as convenient and trouble-free as possible.