LTL Delivery: When You Have to Avoid It

LTL Delivery

Choosing the right mode of cargo transportation is one of the most important tasks business owners have to deal with. It’s necessary to deliver products not only on time but also intact. On the Internet, you are to find lots of terrifying stories about unscrupulous freight forwarders who often lose or damage the parcels of their clients.

By the way, not all of the stories are fiction. Many beginners make one and the same mistake. They tend to save as much money as possible and hire the first broker they find on the Internet. They pay attention only to the low prices while ignoring the quality of the services. As a result, they suffer from significant financial losses. There is another mistake entrepreneurs tend to make. They choose the wrong option. For instance, LTL shipping is a rather popular option because it allows you to reduce costs and delivery almost any type of goods. Yet, there are cases when it’s better to avoid this type of shipping. When? Let’s figure it out.

The first thing that should be clarified is the essence of the LTL delivery. This abbreviation stands for less than truckload freight shipping. It is often used for the transportation of small freight. It’s also a good way out when freight doesn’t require the use of an entire trailer. This shipping method can be used when freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds. It’s an ideal solution for e-commerce and retailers. Moreover, you can’t but appreciate the fact that this service is cheaper than the FTL option.

Yet, there are cases when it’s better to look for other alternatives:

One of the major disadvantages of LTL shipping is constant delays. They happen due to the peculiarity of the delivery process. It’s necessary to transport several separate orders to different locations. Sorting and loading processes are rather time-consuming.  

  • You deal with time-sensitive goods.

If delays are out of the question for you, it’s better to avoid LTL unless you cooperate with really awesome carriers. 

  • It’s necessary to transport valuables.

Less than truck shipping implies that the trailer will be loaded with several containers by versatile owners. During the transportation process, all the boxes are to be downloaded and uploaded several times. The risks of damages or losses are rather high.  

  • When your cargo is too large.

It may sound strange but there are people who try to order the LTL option for cargo that is much bigger than 15,000 pounds. They do this because they want to save money. Yet, they are unlikely to get some profit. They are to get problems, fees, and delays. By the way, you have to keep in mind that total weight is measured with pallets and packaging materials.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that the modern logistics industry is developing so fast. There are so many available and affordable solutions for any type of business. Yet, before you order any service, it’s better to consult with your reliable freight forwarder to be absolutely sure that you make the right choice.