Speed or Quality: What Is More Important in Logistics?

Speed or Quality

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine any company without a fleet department. Those firms who are not large enough to have their own logistics units prefer to deal with freight forwarders. The market of logistics services is developing so fast. It’s possible to pick up a broker who meets the needs and budgets of a company of any type and size.

Yet, many business owners have to deal with the eternal dilemmas. They are to choose what is more important – speed or quality of shipping.

Speed VS Quality

Speed is of prime importance in the following cases:

  • If you need to deliver time-sensitive goods.

Fresh meat or fish is to be delivered within the shortest possible period. Otherwise, the products just go bad. As a result, you experience financial losses.

  • When you need supplies to keep your manufacture running.

Sometimes it happens that inventory management fails and you suddenly realize you have no raw materials needed for further production. You have two possible ways out. The first one is to wait for the regular shipments. The second one is to order expedited delivery. It’s up to you to pick up the most appropriate solution.  

  • When you break all possible deadlines.  

If you are to deal with freight forwarders quire often, you know for sure that there are lots of inexperienced and unreliable brokers. They offer you to ship the goods on time but break the promise. You have no other choice but to look for excellent expedited delivery services. Otherwise, you risk losing your clients or even spoiling your reputation.

If you need to deliver your goods or products as soon as possible, you are to cooperate with an expedited trucking company. The specialists promise you to deliver cargo within 24 hours or even less.

At the same time, you should be very careful when choosing extra fast delivery. On the Internet, you may find copious eye-catching ads. They promise you to deliver your parcels lightning-fast. Moreover, they even do this. But you are unlikely to be satisfied with the results when you unpack the boxes and discover that some items are lost and others are damaged. Speed may be absolutely useless if you risk getting damaged content.

There is one more thing you should keep in mind when planning your shipping. Businesses are different. They deal with various types of materials. Some of them require special shipping and storage conditions. For instance, chemicals and some medicines can’t be just downloaded in containers and transported from one place to another. It’s necessary to obtain all the needed documents, papers, and permissions. Then, freight forwarders have to pick up proper containers and make up the optimal routes. The whole process may take not only several days but weeks. In such cases, expedited shipping is a real challenge for both business owners and logistics brokers.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that the combination of top-quality services with fast delivery is an ideal solution for any business. Yet, only a few companies are ready to provide you with such a combination. You are to spend some time trying to find your ideal 3PL partner who meets all your needs and expectations.