Limited Access Delivery: Everything You Should Know About

Limited Access Delivery

Freight forwarding is a rather complex and intricate process. One of the most essential elements of successful fulfillment of the orders is the possibility to make up proper routes. Nowadays there are lots of effective tools and software that help carriers to cope with this task with minimum effort. Yet, some problems still exist.  

Sooner or later, almost every business owner faces such an issue as a limited access delivery. It’s about delivering goods to business locations or commercially zoned areas. The same is true about other congested places or spots with strict security requirements. If it is supposed that your cargo should be transported to one of such places, it’s necessary to inform the forwarders.

One of the most striking things is that different carriers define this option in different ways. For someone, heavy business areas do not create additional troubles. Others consider them to be a case of limited access delivery. The same is true when it comes to remote areas or mountainous terrain. 

If you have to deal with limited access delivery while shipping your items, you should be ready to face the following challenges:

  • Extra fees.

In order to transport your cargo, forwarders have to spend more time or utilize special tools and equipment. It definitely affects the final price you are to pay. Such details are to be indicated in the agreements. It’s clear you have to pay attention to all the points in the agreement to avoid unexpected expenses.

If you cooperate with credible and trustworthy freight brokers, they have to inform you if extra fees are necessary. Thus, you should be ready to pay more and you understand what you pay for. 

  • Delays.

Whether you like it or not, limited access delivery usually affects the terms of shipping. While it’s often necessary to take extra steps to cope with the order, delays are possible.

By the way, it’s up to shippers to provide carriers with additional information concerning the final destination of the cargo. If it’s necessary to get some permission to enter the territory, shippers have to care of it. 

  • Redeliveries.

When it comes to locations with special security requirements, it’s not easy to reach the final destinations. If a carrier fails to transport cargo from the first try, redeliveries are possible. It’s clear the total price will be significantly higher. Sometimes carriers are to make up one more route to complete the order. It also takes time, effort, and money.    

It’s only a few of the possible problems you may experience. One of the best ways to avoid confusion and misunderstanding is to cooperate with regular logistics partners – truck logistics firms, 3PL brokers, etc. They are to provide you with detailed information about all possible fees, as well as make up an optimal route to avoid extra expenses.

So, when discussing with a freight broker the details of your shipments, you have to pay attention to the limited access delivery cases. It’s necessary to clarify whether such fees will be included in the bill or not. Moreover, it may affect the deadlines.