Meeting the Needs of E-Commerce: Crucial Problems the Freight Forwarders Have to Solve Right Now


You can’t but agree with the fact that the modern world is altering so fast. More and more businesses and companies go online. E-commerce has become the key element of the modern economy. No wonder, all the related ventures have to transform themselves in order to keep up with the times and stay afloat.

The logistics industry was one of the first areas that had to respond to alterations. Although freight forwarders do everything possible to meet the needs and expectations of each of their clients, there are still some urgent issues. They are to be addressed as soon as possible. The most crucial of them are the following:

  • A lack of trucks and drivers.

It’s one of the most urgent problems of modern logistics. The thing is the number of e-commerce firms is growing. The same is true about the number of orders. Forwarders receive hundreds of quotes every day. No wonder, it’s not always possible to find the needed number of trucks and drivers to fulfill all the orders. Moreover, more and more competent drivers   

  • Strict deadlines.

Although expedited trucking companies do everything possible to please the most demanding clients, there are still firms that require fast delivery. Some of them are looking forward to freight forwarders who are to deliver their cargo within a few hours. At the moment, only a limited number of brokers are ready to provide such services and only to the limited types of order. No wonder, the prices are very high.   

  • Cargo damages and losses.

Whether you like it or not freight forwarding is a risky business. Due to weather conditions or traffic accidents, the parcels may be damaged or even lost. It’s necessary to implement effective ways of reducing possible damages. Reliable tracking apps are only one of the possible solutions. It’s also a good idea to use proper packaging materials. They help to minimize possible damages.     

  • Customization of transportation.

Clients are becoming more demanding. They are not pleased with the simple transportation of their goods and products anymore. They are interested in extra services such as door-to-door delivery, labeling of the boxes, tracking solutions, etc. Such innovations require from logistics brokers significant investments. Not all of them are ready to spend money on such alterations.         

  • Automation of the delivery processes.

The everyday routine of the transportation broker encompasses copious boring and repetitive tasks. They take lots of time and effort. Automation is an ideal solution. It helps not only to get rid of the boring activities but also to boost the speed of delivery. 

There are only a few of the problems the modern freight forwarders have to face every day. It goes without saying that it’s necessary to respond to emerging challenges as soon as possible. Otherwise, logistics brokers risk losing both profits and clients. So, like any other industry, logistics is going through tough times. There are lots of problems and challenges freight forwarders have to solve. Yet, it allows both brokers and business owners to savor the services of better quality.