The Impact of E-Commerce on LTL Shipping: Key Aspects

The Impact of E-Commerce on LTL Shipping

Choosing the right freight forwarder is a key element of successful business development and growth. Especially it’s true when it comes to organizing a smooth functioning of the supply chain in e-commerce. When choosing a proper freight broker, it’s of prime importance to consider certain peculiarities of e-commerce. The most significant of them are the following:

  • The necessity to meet the needs of a wide range of users.

While there is a limited number of huge industrial concerns, large forwarders used to find a common language with a limited number of customers. It was easier to find proper solutions while large corporations often have similar demands and needs.

When it comes to e-commerce, the number of clients has increased several times. All the clients are different, they have different demands. And freight brokers have to meet their needs and expectations.    

  • Strict deadlines.

The delivery terms are decreasing all the time. Nowadays even a week is too long for a wide spectrum of orders.

  • High return rate.

The number of parcels that are to be delivered back has increased several times, too. 

  • High demand for customized delivery options.

Business owners desire to get their cargo not only as fast as possible. They are to experience special packaging or labeling options. The number of extra services entrepreneurs may order is mounting day after day.   

  • The necessity of online order processing.

It’s physically impossible to process all the orders online. Thus, the implementation of new technologies is a must. 

  • More complaints.

One of the most irritating traits of modern logistics is the necessity to respond to copious complaints. Some of them are reasonable while the greater part is to be fanciful.  

  • Larger volumes of small shipments.

The shipments become smaller. Sometimes it’s more profitable to deliver small parcels several times than to transport the whole truck per time. 

It’s only a few of the aspects you have to consider when dealing with e-commerce logistics. It goes without that it influences the development of logistics in general and LTL shipping, in particular. There are three major impacts logistics brokers can’t but should take into account.  

Better Flexibility

Whether they like it or not logistics brokers should be able to find out and offer various solutions to satisfy their copious customers. They are to explore versatile modes of transportation and implement new technologies.  

Improved Technologies

It has become very important to implement smart technologies in the transportation process. You can hardly find a modern broker who doesn’t utilize tracking apps.  

Wider Opportunities

Forwarders get lots of opportunities for further development of the industry. They are to benefit from intermodal transportation. The coverage area becomes larger, too.

More and more freight forwarders prefer to deal with e-commerce while it is able to provide them with ongoing orders. It becomes more profitable to deal with copious small shipments. LTL freight delivery is considered to be one of the most popular and most often ordered options these days.

To sum it up, it’s worth highlighting that the logistics industry is altering in order to meet the challenges of times.