How to Transport Fresh Flowers?

How to Transport Fresh Flowers

Everyone often sees cut flowers in the shops. They bring us happiness and please to the eye. And most of them don’t grow where they are sold. So have you ever thought about how they are delivered from one country to another? How do they still look fresh? 

Transportation of fresh flowers requires a lot of attention and a special approach as the flowers are so delicate. If you want to keep their marketable condition, it is better to provide them with appropriate microclimate and special parameters. Fresh flowers need oxygen, temperature regime, and appropriate humidity. Being, for example, a flower farm owner and planning freight trucking, you should know that. Every kind of flower requires its own microclimate characteristics. And, of course, these parameters must be fitted till the end of transportation.

Fresh flowers and transportation: Peculiarities of freight trucking

Responsible and professional companies use special trucks-refrigerators. Their equipment allows providing the required climatic parameters for the comfortable transportation of fresh flowers. Humidity, temperature, and other indicators are set before the shipment is placed into the refrigerator.

Flowers are transported in specialized packaging. Specialists place the shipment in special boxes and cover them tightly. When preparing fresh flowers for transportation, you need to work carefully and quickly. In other cases, climatic parameters which were set will not be relevant. It will influence the shipment negatively.

While transporting fragile and fresh shipments, microclimate indicators must be kept. There is a remote control on the front panel in the driver’s cab. This tool helps control the indicators. The temperature is regulated in accordance with the season. For example, the temperature in the refrigerator must be low in summer and high in winter. 

The opportunity to change and regulate temperature indicators allows for transporting fresh flowers on long destinations within the country or even far. 

What about the parameters?

The temperature regime of the refrigerator depends on the kind of shipment. 

  • The required temperature indicators for transporting seeds and bows are 39-50оF. Different kinds of bows need their own humidity, temperature, and ventilation. This peculiarity allows for transporting bulbous types of plants. 
  • The required temperature indicators for transporting cut flowers are 33-46оF. Such freight trucking has time limitations. Fresh flowers must be delivered as fast as possible. That’s why professional companies, which offer their services, choose the short way and work for the route scrupulously. 
  • The required temperature indicators for transporting flowers in the pots are 32-35оF. Flowerpots are fixed immovably in the truck to avoid shipment fall.

Transportation of fresh flowers is a process that requires a lot of attention and to meet basic requirements. Only a reliable company with professional staff can organize freight trucking and deliver the fragile shipment to the destination point.