Summer Shipment Transportation: What You Should Know

Summer Shipment Transportation

Summer has its own peculiarities for distribution and logistics. Shipment transportation is affected as well. Many people go away from the big industrial towns. The roads are clear and safer than they are in the winter. If the truck breaks down, the driver waits for help with comfort. But at the same time summer transportation creates other problems. Logistics specialists, shippers, and recipients must pay attention to them. So what are the main peculiar features of summer logistics?

Main aspects of summer transportations

Freight trucking becomes highly demanded in June and July. It is explained by the improvement of the weather conditions and people’s workability. The shippers face the lack of trucks equipped with conditioners. 

Summer heat is the main negative factor. High temperatures can destroy the climatic equipment. The car body can be also overheated. The truck can “boil” and it may lead to the damage of the shipment. That’s why specialists should control the condition of the cooling systems and maintain the car in time.

One more aspect of the summer shipment is the workability of the road services. They can repair, change the pipes or road surface, and build new roundabouts. It can cause traffic jams. So when you work with the specialists, they know how to avoid these problems while planning the run. 

Summer heat influences the road surface. When the temperature is too high, truck drivers can deal with some limitations on transportation. Heavy trucks are not allowed to drive during the day, but they can drive at night. It is because the asphalt is getting cooler at night. Experienced logistics specialists know about such nuances. When you are a shipper whose shipment needs to be delivered in time, it’s better to deal with professional companies. Specialists know how to plan the route properly.

Summer transportation: what is the most difficult?

Summer shipment transportation requires proper organization. It means that the correct choice of the truck influences the state of the goods. In most cases, companies offer heat-insulating tents and refrigerators.

There is a list of the goods which require special conditions for transportation in summer.

  1. Confectionery. High temperature is a reason for spoiling cakes, sweets, candies, biscuits, and cookies. That’s why the first rule is not to overheat sweet shipment and not to lose its commercial presentation. 
  2. Tins. Maybe you think that nothing can happen with the tins. But you are wrong. The average temperature for storage tins is 77°F. But sometimes the temperature in the cars can rise up to 104°F. 
  3. Vegetables, fruit, flowers. These shipments require proper treatment during transportation.
  4. Medicine, syrups, drops, and other meds require special refrigerators to be delivered in proper condition.

So, if you plan to transport something listed above or something else that depends on the temperature conditions, look through the offers of professional companies. In this way, your shipment will be delivered properly.