Is It Necessary for the Truck to Be Equipped with a Video Recorder?

Is It Necessary for the Truck to Be Equipped with a Video Recorder

Some situations prove the value of video recorders. They are useful in conflicts with the police and in the preceding accidents. It seems that this device is more important for trucks than for passenger cars. During the delivery of LTL freight, such a device performs some functions. It controls the traffic conditions and the driver’s actions. In addition, it monitors cargo integrity.

The drivers of the trucks consider that the primary function of the device is a fixation on the traffic accident. Speaking about long distances, the device gives an opportunity to have a video diary of the run.

Experienced drivers are rarely guilty of accidents. Usually, the crashes are caused by other reasons. Direct clashes happen because the drivers don’t stand at the proper distance while overtaking. When the driver can’t overtake the truck column, he can’t place between two trucks and suddenly stops. The video recorders make it easy to prove that it’s not a fault of the truck driver. 

How to choose the device?

It is rather difficult to fix the video recorders in the truck cab than in the passenger cars. The main criterion of choice is a vertical view of a camera. The hood of the truck obscures the bottom part of the scene, so the record isn’t sensible. Video recorders, which camera view is less than 90 degrees, should be eliminated. But even if the producer promises that the view equals 120 degrees, the actual diapason of fixation is 110-112 degrees. It means that you need to install the device in the upper part of the windscreen and put it down. 

Choosing the device for fixation of the run, you have to pay attention to the fixing elements and a bracket. Hinged brackets are the most comfortable because the driver can turn the device to record what happens inside the cab and in the doorway.

One more important criterion is recording resolution and stop motion speed. The records at 640×480 resolution are not proper for identifying the intruder. So it’s better for you to choose a video recorder with high resolution. It can be 1440×1080 or even 1920×1080. 

Also, it should be mentioned that extra features and modern functions are not necessary for the truck driver. For example, there is no need to have a GPS tracker. For cargo movements,it is not always essential to have geographical coordinates. Moreover, the trucks are usually equipped with navigators and tachometers which perform the same functions. 

The main peculiar features, which determine the cost of video recorders, are speed filters, Li-Polymer batteries, radar, and electromagnetic interference misidentification.  

The video recorder is not on constantly. The truck driver turns on the device to the power supply during the run. The video recorder is off during periods of relaxation and stops. Anti-radar is also an extra option. This is useful for the passenger car drivers but not for the truck ones. Tachographs always fix the speed during the long runs.