What Is an Ideal Menu for the Truck Driver?

What is an ideal menu for the truck driver

The work of truck drivers is so responsible. They often sacrifice their health and ignore complete food. This allows them to deliver shipment in time. Many drivers like their occupation but nutrition is an important component of life. So the drivers must have meals which are useful and quick. Usually, truck drivers don’t have time to cook. Food in roadside cafes is not always qualitative. Thus, it’s better to take food with you. As some products can be spoiled during the run, truck drivers need to take those which can be stored for a long time.

Mini-fridges can keep the products in proper conditions. Being a driver, you should buy this facility as it can save your health. Small ovens are also useful in runs. Thanks to them, the drivers can heat food, saving time and money. A small oven is a profitable purchase. The practice shows that the drivers waste a lot of money in roadside cafes. Moreover, the food mustn’t load the organism.

As for the menu, it should include the following products:

  • fruit and vegetables – 1 pound;
  • bread – 0,66 pounds;
  • fish – 0,11 pounds;
  • sugar – 0,22 pounds;
  • cheese – 0,04 pounds;
  • butter – 0,04 pounds.

Specialists prove that you should avoid a lot of meat, fat, and fried meals. The truck drivers should also avoid hot dogs, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and chips on their menus.Firstly, the quality of these products is too low. Secondly, such food causes vasodilatation, growth of sugar in the blood, and growth in weight.

When a truck driver eats too much in a run, he feels sleepy. Food which is full of carbohydrates is important for brain activity. It is better not to drink energetics, tea, and coffee during the run. Caffeine affects the driver and he can overestimate his efforts. In this case, the feeling of tiredness can appear unnoticeably and cause the accident. 

As for the products, there is a list of the most suitable ones. The first one is rice. This product can be stored for a long time. It can be used as a basic ingredient in the truck driver’s menu. Brown rice has the shortest storage duration because of the high content of oil. 

The truck drivers can take fruit and vegetables with dense peel. The best variants are cucumbers, oranges, and apples. 

Also, the menu should include honey. This ingredient is full of ferments, vitamins, and other nutrition components. Its storage duration is well-known, so it will be ready to eat in many runs. Sometimes honey can change its color, but the original qualities come back after adding some hot water. 

The list of appropriate products can’t be without dried fruits, seeds and nuts. They are nutritious and useful for health and brain activity. As for the drinks, it’s better to have sterilized juices and mineral water. 

Air delivery lasts and costs less than truckload shipping. So the truck drivers do hard work. It requires attention and responsibility. The worker must be in a proper state before, during and after run. One of the most important factors is appropriate food.