How to Maintain a Truck?

How to Maintain a Truck

Regular technical maintenance of the trucks is a complex of checks, works, as well as liquid and details replacement. Usually, it is provided by the producer to support the workability of the main truck nodes and mechanisms. In-time technical maintenance is recommended for all categories of cars. But everyday procedures are added to the list of maintenance for the truck. As you understand, all these actions aim to avoid crashes and breaking down.

As for the intervals of maintenance, it is determined by the producer of the truck. But there is a rule to look at the condition of the vehicle every time before the run. The driver or the mechanic, who works in the transportation company, needs to:

  • Look at the truck, body, and semi-trailer;
  • Check a free play of steering;
  • Check a free move of the brake pedal;
  • Check the level of fuel and cooking liquid;
  • Monitor the condition of the suspension and chassis;
  • Control the conditions of the tires.

When you deal with the new truck, the mechanics from the official dealer center realize the technical maintenance. During the first technical maintenance the specialist usually does the following:

  • Clean the chassis and the truck;
  • Make a complex computer diagnostic;
  • Monitor the engine;
  • Change the motor oil;
  • Check all the free plays;
  • Look at the pipes of the cooling system;
  • Check the lubrication of the moving mechanisms;
  • Look at drive shafts;
  • Regulate the brake and brake pads.

The list of actions of the technical maintenance can differ depending on the season. For example, in winter the low temperature complicates the exploitation conditions of the trucks. If the lubrication is chosen incorrectly, it can become denser at a low temperature. Experienced drivers recommend checking the battery container in winter. It is also useful to check the climatic system in a few regimes. Also, being a driver, you need to change a dryer and remove the condensate from the receivers of the pneumatic facilities.    

During preparing the truck for the winter season, you need to change the lubrication in the pin joints. It’s better to choose the liquid which is appropriate for low temperature. Also, the summer tires need to be replaced on winter ones.

In-time technical maintenance can help the driver to provide not only his safety but also the safety of goods. The maintenance just before the run can help to find the breaking down, which can be easily repaired. When you deal with a fault of the spring during the run, you get stuck on hours and waste time and money. Of course, it is less than truckload shipping, but it isn’t appropriate when you deliver perishable goods. 

Regular technical maintenance longs the exploitation term of the truck. It also excludes the risks of delays.