How to Choose the Best Medium-Duty Truck?

best medium-duty truck

Powerful trucks and auto trains are preferred to use in international and long-distance transportation. But the other types of freight vehicles are also successfully used in delivering expedited freight. Buying a new truck, representatives of the transportation companies know the importance of the demand for different kinds of delivery, as well as the economical and practical benefits of a certain kind of transport.

The term ‘medium tonnage’ in the truck classification is rather vague. It is believed that the upper limit of the small trucks is a load capacity of 7,700 lb. The heavy class of vehicles starts from 33,000 lb. Everything that is between these indicators is considered to be medium-duty trucks. The practice shows that the load capacity of such vehicles is from 9900 lb. to 26,450 lb. 

In logistics, there is an axiom that long-distance trucks show the highest profitability in cargo transportation. They transfer 44,000-66,000 lb., and at the same time the driver spends less time and the truck consumes less fuel. But if the delivery is performed within one region, there is no need for such a load capacity. Auto-train is rarely full when it is a short-distance delivery.  

Criteria of choice the best medium-duty truck

When you are looking for a medium-duty truck, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Cost of a freight vehicle – only successful transportation companies with high profitability afford to buy new trucks; experienced and private cargo carriers prefer choosing trucks with significant residual service life.
  • Types of bodies – tented or isothermal bodies are the most common in inner transportation within one country; onboard trucks are usually used for household and building transportation; tank vehicles and manipulators are bought by specialized transportation companies;
  • Technical characteristics – there is no almost difference in engine power, construction of chassis, and suspension among modern trucks;
  • Exploitation features – the most important ones are engine life, the strength of suspension, and durability of operation;
  • Reparability – sometimes the cost of details and services is too high; it is better to have simple construction of a truck, so the driver can easily repair it on his own; if there are no car services and experienced technicians, there is no sense to buy a truck with complex construction;
  • The comfort of a cabin – European experts think that comfort is the main factor for drivers; also, a medium-duty truck must be equipped with a convenient seat, a simple conditioning system, and a bar magnet.

Some models are the best ones in this category. Authorities of the modern transportation companies often think of buying Fuso Canter, Elf Isuzu, HD78 Hyundai, Nino Series 300 (Dutro), N80 JAC, Atego Mercedes-Benz, and Foton Auman BJ10xx. All models are produced by respected brands whom you can trust. They have different prices and technical characteristics but successfully cope with their tasks.