Shipping by Trucks: Main Features of the Process

Shipping by trucks

Cargo transportation on long distances has its rules and peculiarities. Delivery by air vehicles is the quickest but the most expensive way. Usually, it is not economically justified and practical. The use of railway transport is rather cheap but it usually deals with the document arrangement, which takes too much time. Sometimes such transportations have alternatives but require concrete linking to the location. Cities of deliveries and departures don’t always have well-developed transport infrastructure.

Apart from air vehicles and railway transport, shipping by trucks is the most popular and common. It is because of truck universality and the opportunity to deliver ‘door to door’. It features a rather available cost, and document arrangements are not so difficult. 

When you need to deliver the full truck load over a long distance (hundreds and thousands of feet) with the use of automobile transport, the practical choice is to deliver by truck. They are large vehicles that consist of tractors and trailers. Their carrying capacity is up to 52,910 lb. 

Which trucks are used?

Depending on the purpose and requirements that are imposed on the storage conditions of cargo the tractors are divided into the following groups:

  • Tent. The carcass of such a truck is covered by atent that protects the goods from bad weather and external influence. The construction is rather simple. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. As for disadvantages, there is a risk of damage to transported cargo when there is severe damage to the tent. 
  • Isothermal vans. The corpus of such trucks is made from metal, and it allows it to maintain the temperature inside the trailer during a certain time. As it is impossible to maintain the temperature for a long time, such vehicles are used for short distances.
  • Refrigerators. Unlike isothermal vans, these vehicles are equipped with extra cooling systems that can maintain the temperature to -4°F for a long time. Transportation by refrigerators is actually to deal with perishable goods and meal products. It saves the sender’s money and delivers goods in proper condition. 
  • Auto trains. A semitrailer is placed on the tractor and it allows an increase in the amount of transported goods.
  • Trucks Jumbo. A special kind of tractor with a smaller back chassis that helps to provide extra volume for loading. 

What can be delivered by trucks?

The usage of trucks with trailers allows transporting different kinds of cargo. Trucks are used for transferring furniture, household appliances, building materials, and metal constructions. They are also used for agricultural products and animals of different sizes. 

Advantages of truck shipping

Truck shipping is popular because of its copious advantages:

  • Available cost – it is cheaper than marine or air vehicles;
  • Quick and safety delivery – it doesn’t depend on weather conditions;
  • Simple loading and unloading operations – it is easy to use special techniques to load and unload goods.