Live Cargo: How to Make the Process of Freight Forwarding Smooth and Problem-Free

Modern freight forwarders have to deal with various types of cargo. They are able to deliver construction materials in no time. They are ready to offer dozens of possible ways to transport valuable items or non-standard cargo. You can hardly name an item that can’t be transported by modern forwarders. The only difference is in the steps you should take to cope with the task. 

Transporting live cargo seems to be one of the most intricate and effort-consuming orders modern logistics brokers face. Why? It’s necessary not only to deliver the needed cargo to the needed destination. It’s necessary to make sure that animals do not suffer during transportation. Moreover, all the brutes should be alive.

No wonder, the process of preparation for such types of deliveries takes lots of time and effort. 

Mode of Transportation

You do not have too many options when it’s necessary to transport live cargo. You can hardly find an air forwarder who is ready to try this. The most optimal solution is truck transportation. It is performed by many companies both local and international. There are several indisputable advantages of truck transportation you can’t but appreciate.    

Freight Forwarding Conditions

The next crucial aspect is the necessity to create and maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions inside the truck or container you (or the freight forwarder) rent for transportation. Moreover, if the way takes more than a couple of hours, animals should be fed and watered. These days there are different technologies that allow you to create the needed conditions without great effort. It’s necessary to select automated solutions that meet the needs of your cargo. Experienced freight forwarders are able to cope with this task fast and easily.  


Of course, every business owner wants to save as much money as possible. Yet, if you have to choose between quality and quantity, it’s better to prefer the first one. You should be ready for quite expensive prices. They are reasonable, however. The use of special tools and equipment can’t be extra cheap. Your bill will depend on such factors as deadlines, the number of animals to be transported, the use of trucks and containers, etc. 

Sometimes partial truckload shipping can be a good solution for live cargo transportation. This option is OK if the number of animals is limited. Yet, if you decide to explore this variant, it’s necessary to plan everything carefully. You have to take into account such aspects as commodity neighborhood. It’s important to place fitting types of cargo in one truck. For instance, it goes without saying that it isn’t a good idea to transport live cargo with pesticides or toxic substances.      

To conclude, it should be highlighted that dealing with live cargo is an extremely responsible task. If you desire to achieve good results, it’s necessary to cooperate with qualified and experienced forwarders.