California and freight transportation

Los Angeles is an important place for import and cargo transportation. California is one of the busiest states with developed economies. The main part of the business takes place in Los Angeles and near the city. It includes goods that must be transported, so delivery from Los Angeles to other states is a necessary part of the trade operations.

When dealing with expedited freight services, the cargo sender needs to know which goods are delivered from Los Angeles, which factors influence delivery, and which ports Los Angeles has a connection with. 

First of all, it’s important to understand what the Los Angeles agglomeration is. The territory of the city consists of five districts – Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside. They are also often called “Inland Empire”. This district is home to more than 18 million people. As for the industries, more than $1 trillion are located in  Los Angeles and Orange. While the most famous economical export of Los Angeles is the movie industry, the presence of local ports makes this district  the leading industrial center of the USA.

As the city has the main port that receives raw materials, the goods are also made there. Moreover, Los Angeles is situated in a place that allows you to get to Canada, Mexico, and the western part of the USA easily. It means that the city is favorable for industries, and many companies have understood this. They placed their headquarters or industrial facilities or both. For example, clothes are made in southern California, as well as all kinds of electronics, components, and semiconductors. As for the products for health, companies like Neutrogena and Herbalife also have their headquarters there. Moreover, industrial metals and transport equipment are also produced in the Inland Empire. 

Despite the fact that there are many goods produced there, most of them are not exported from the state. Taking into account the population, 42% of produced goods are left. Other goods are transported by trucks, as it is the most suitable way to organize door-to-door delivery. Cargo carriers offer competitive prices, and it’s easy to organize delivery.

Many goods are produced in Los Angeles, but not all. If you think that it produces everything, you are mistaken. The port of Los Angeles is a port for receiving imports. Such goods are usually made in China, Japan, and Vietnam. 

When there is a need to deliver goods, it’s clear that you require cargo transportation from Los Angeles. Sometimes people use intermodal transport, which means that two or more vehicles are used. Speaking about Los Angeles, the common example is a truck and a railway. Sometimes a truck helps to deliver goods to or from the port. Also, truck delivery is cheaper than transportation by plane. Sometimes, it is the only possible way to deliver goods to the destination point. A railway is a competitor, but it is limited in distance, so it can’t be fully autonomous variant.