Main Advantages of Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation

Logistics management is a rather complicated process. It encompasses copious activities. Their main goal is to deliver cargo from one point to another. To do this in the best possible way, it’s necessary not only to make up optimal routes but also to pick up the most appropriate modes of transportation.

Recently, more and more business owners experience significant advantages of intermodal transportation. It’s a type of freight forwarding when more than two modes of transportation are used. As a rule, shipping by road and rail are combined. It can also include air and sea shipping. There are several reasons why intermodal transportation is a perfect solution for your business. You can’t but appreciate the following advantages:

  • It’s more profitable.

Fuel prices keep going up and up. No wonder, truck shipping companies have to raise their prices, too. Train shipping may become a good solution to cut costs. There is one exception to be mentioned about. If there is a need for air transportation, you should be ready to pay more. 

  • You save time.

You may count on the timely delivery of your cargo. The combination of several ways of shipping helps to reduce the transit period;  

  • It’s eco-friendly.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to be ecologically aware. Intermodal transportation allows reducing the consumption of fuel. As a result, we get less CO2 emission;   

  • Outstanding safety.

After your cargo is loaded into the container at the initial distribution hub, it’s not to be repacked during the shipping process. The container is to be moved from a truck to a train (boat or plane) and then again from the train to the truck. It minimizes the risks of damaging or losing your items; 

  • The lower risks of traffic collisions.

While fewer drivers are hired, the risks of an accident become lower. 

  • Exact schedules.

Trains won’t wait for truck drivers. No wonder, to complete an order, carriers have to follow an exact schedule. It means you always know when you receive your cargo; 

  • Easy tracking.

As every stage of the process sticks to the timetable, it’s easier to control the whole procedure. Moreover, thanks to innovative technologies, it’s possible to track your cargo via a special app both on road or rail.  

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that you have to choose a proper freight forwarder to complete your order without losses. While intermodal transportation implies the combination of several activities, it’s important to follow schedules. If the carrier misses one stage of the process, the subsequent steps are to be missed, too. It takes significant effort and lots of time to fix errors.

To sum it up, it’s worth highlighting the convenience of intermodal transportation. It allows you to deliver the cargo from anywhere to anywhere on time. It’s a perfect solution for remote areas. Both small companies and large corporations benefit from this type of shipping.