Shipping Pitfalls: Important Information You Should Know About

Shipping Pitfalls

It seems that modern e-commerce and retail businesses won’t survive without effective and competent logistics management. These days online orders are gradually replacing offline shopping. It’s true not only about small entrepreneurs or private buyers. The owners of large corporations and international concerns are also in need of excellent shipping services.

The transportation industry doesn’t stand still and tries to go from strength to strength in order to meet the requirements of the modern world. There are lots of available carriers today. They offer a wide spectrum of logistics options. If you have never used freight delivery services before, you may think it’s easy and very convenient. On one point, it’s true. Yet, there are several shipping pitfalls you should consider. Otherwise, you risk losing your time, money, and nerves.

  • Avoid placing an order during peak season.

You should keep in mind that choosing an improper delivery period is able to make logistics the hardest part of running any business. Therefore, if it’s possible to avoid transportation during peak season, you may save time and finances. For the USA, the peak season starts in August and ends in October-November. It’s also better to think ahead about shipping through December and January;

  • Neglecting size and weight restrictions.

It’s clear everyone wants to save his or her money. However, sometimes the attempts to cut costs may lead to significant financial losses. If you define dimensions in the wrong way, you are to pay more for postage. Moreover, if you provide carriers with fewer sizes and weight than they really are, you are to pay extra fees;

  • Documentation inefficiency.

Nobody likes to deal with papers. Yet, they are of prime importance when it comes to securing your freight. You have to explore all the documents carefully. Then, you know for sure what you pay for and what services you are going to receive;

  • Wrong packing.

It’s a great mistake to believe that packing is not important. It’s a must for the proper protection of cargo. It helps to avoid potential damages during transportation. Many beginner business owners are sure the option of packing is included in the shipping costs. However, not all freight forwarders even provide this service for an extra fee. You need to pick up the best packing materials and check whether everything is wrapped in proper wat;

  • Extra short deadlines.

It’s not always possible to deliver cargo in a couple of days. The transportation period depends on several factors. They include the distance, the complexity of the freight, and chosen mode of shipping. Moreover, if you pick up an urgent delivery and leave the carriers no option but to transport your items in a few hours, errors are possible. It’s better to prefer quality over speed.  

So, organizing efficient and cost-effective shipping is important for the development of a successful business. You should be ready to make efforts to find a reliable and competent freight forwarder, as well as to avoid the most common pitfalls.