How to Ship Fruit and Vegetables: Useful Tips

Ship Fruit and Vegetables

The number of online and retail businesses is growing rapidly. More and more companies go online. No wonder, these days effective and sufficient logistics services are in great demand. Modern freight forwarders are able to deliver everything and everywhere. Moreover, they are able to cope with such a challenging task as delivering fruit and vegetables.

This group of products requires special handling for a number of reasons. The most significant of them are the following:

  • Fruit and vegetables are time-sensitive.

You can hardly find edibles that are able to withstand week-long transportation unless it comes to frozen variants. Depending on the degree of ripeness, these goods are edible within several days. It’s necessary to deliver them as soon as possible;

  • They can be easily damaged during transportation.

Unless it comes to coconuts, the greater part of greengrocer products is extra fragile. It’s enough to drop parcels at least one time and their content is irretrievably damaged;

  • Following the rules of commodity neighborhood is a must.

Everyone knows that if you want to make kiwi, avocado, mango, or whatever you need to become ripe faster, you should place them next to bananas. It’s a useful lifehack for home usage. Yet, when it comes to transportation, improper commodity neighborhood may lead to spoilage of cargo.

No wonder, if you deal with fruit and vegetables and need to transport them, it’s necessary to consider several important factors. First of all, temperature control is a must. There are special temperature-controlled vans. They are designed to transfer time-sensitive products without effort.

It’s also necessary to pay attention to proper packing. It’s not a good idea to transfer various fruits in a pike. Each category of products has its special requirement to package. You have to select the containers and packing materials carefully. There is one important thing you should do to transport cargo intact. It’s necessary to stabilize items in a cooler. It’s possible to do with the help of bubble wrap. It’s also a good idea to label boxes with the phrase like “Perishable – Keep Refrigerated” or “Food Contents”.

It’s also necessary to pick up the proper mode of transportation. The most common way to deliver food and vegetables is ground shipping. With the help of refrigerated trucks, it’s possible to deliver foods without minimal risks of being damaged or spoiled. Moreover, there are various types of truck transportation that allow meeting the needs of any business.   

The best method to deliver fruit and vegetables is to hire professional freight forwarders who know everything about the effective transportation of edibles. They are able to take care of packing, warehousing, and transferring goods. Price should not be the major aspect you pay attention to when choosing a logistics broker. So, these days it’s possible to ship everything you want. Your task is to find a reliable and competent forwarder who has all the needed equipment and capabilities to fulfill your order.