Floor Loaded or Palletized: What’s Better

Floor Loaded or Palletized

Freight forwarding may become a real challenge for people who have never dealt with it before. There are so many details that should be taken into account. It’s necessary not only to pick up the best logistics company but also to arrange copious aspects such as proper packing, time management, and the choice of proper container. The latter point is of prime importance while the wrong choice may lead to the damages of your cargo.

When deciding whether you need to use pallets or not, it’s necessary to take into account the following three points:

  • The peculiarities of your items.

If you need to transport fragile cargo, it’s necessary to protect it carefully. It’s a good idea to place products on pallets. It minimizes risks of possible damages;

  • The chosen mode of transportation.

Shipping by train is smoother in comparison with trucks, for instance. Moreover, it’s crucial to consider whether you order FTL or LTL option;  

  • The final destination of the shipment.

If you are going to upload goods by yourself, you have to make this process as easy and convenient as possible. Pallets are a perfect solution when it comes to trouble-free loading.    

Both floor-loaded and palletized options have their pluses and minuses. The major advantage of the first variant is cost reduction. The thing is it’s possible to place more products in one container. Thus, the final bill will be lower. At the same time, it takes more time to upload and download items into the continents. This solution is often used to transport tires, pipes, or carpets. It’s also good for any bulky and solid items. It’s more convenient for both carriers and shippers. Shipping on pallets is the most popular type of shipping. It’s more reliable while the risks of damaging the cargo by water or dirt are minimum.        

If you choose floor load, you should keep in mind that items of your cargo are not connected together. Thus, they are prone to shifts and damages. No wonder, it’s necessary to pay attention to the proper downloading process. If you decide to cope without pallets, you need bars and straps. Moreover, it’s of prime importance to add insulation. Otherwise, your cargo may be damaged by water, heat, or temperature changes.  

It’s necessary to take into account that there are several types of pallets. The most commonly used variations are standard ones and europallets. They differ in size. The latter model is smaller.

For ordinary users, it becomes a real challenge to pick up the proper type of loading. If you find it difficult to arrange all the details on your own, it’s better to hire a professional logistics broker or freight forwarder. Specialists have all the needed skills and knowledge to provide you with the best shipping services. You may be sure your freight will be delivered intact and on time.

So, when planning your shipping, it’s necessary to take into account not only financial issues. The right choice of container is a key element of successful and damage-free transportation of your goods. If you are not sure what solution to choose, it’s a good idea to consult with experienced freight forwarders.