Shipping Consumer Packaged Goods: Main Aspects

Shipping Consumer Packaged Goods

The logistics industry is developing rather rapidly thanks to the growth of e-commerce. Every day thousands of orders are fulfilled with the help of both local and international freight forwarders. You can hardly name a group of products the carriers are not able to ship. Yet, consumer packaged goods, or CPG for short, are the most frequently shipped cargo. Such shipments have a number of definite peculiarities. If you are interested in them, consider the following information.

The first thing to be clarified is what CPGs actually mean. This term describes products which are used almost daily and restocked frequently. The most common variants include food, beverages, cosmetics, or cleaning products. It’s clear businessmen want to deliver such products without damages and on time.

These days there are lots of shipping options you may experience. It’s possible to pick up the best variant that meets the needs of your business no matter how large or small it is. You should be ready to face the following changes:

  • Seasonal changes.

You should be ready to cope with the rise of demand for fruit and vegetable cargo in spring and summer, for instance. It’s a good idea to find trucks and warehouses in advance;    

  • The peculiarities of consumer buying behavior.

Marketing managers know for sure that before holidays, the demand for definite groups of products increases. You have to cope with copious orders in order to satisfy clients;  

  • Promotional serges.

Thanks to the various ad campaigns, you may experience a dramatic increase in orders.  

Although CPGs are packed in original boxes, as a rule, it’s still necessary to think about shipping packing. It has two major goals – to protect content and to inform carriers about the peculiarities of the freight. It’s essential to choose safe, firm, and durable packing materials.

The next crucial step is to pick up proper carriers and warehouses. You have to consider whether this or that freight forwarder is able to cope with your cargo. It’s also necessary to pay attention to the ability of the forwarder to provide appropriate shipping conditions. Damage control is of prime importance. It’s essential to select containers of the right sizes and shapes.

Moreover, you are to track your orders with the help of special mobile apps. They help you to keep shipping under control and respond to possible delays.           

Experienced and competent freight forwarders know for sure how to deal with consumer packaged goods. They have all the needed vehicles and equipment to provide you with the best shipping options. It’s possible to find a proper carrier even without leaving your house. You may surf the Net and place an order for shipment online. It’s a good idea to use expedited shipping while it’s a faster and more convenient solution for both entrepreneurs and consumers. To conclude, it should be noticed that mistakes in consumer packaged goods may lead to significant financial losses. Moreover, the representatives of retail businesses can lose their clients while the market is rather competitive. It’s better to entrust shipping to professionals in order to avoid losses and to satisfy clients.