Logistics without Trucks: Myth or Reality

Logistics without Trucks

Nowadays the freight forwarding industry is one of the most rapidly developing spheres. Both small and large companies need to transport their products from one place to another. When looking for a reliable carrier, many entrepreneurs prefer the truck mode of transportation. It’s one of the most convenient and fastest ways to deliver cargo. Yet, the issue of dangerous emissions is quite relevant these days.

The idea of giving up the use of trucks in logistics isn’t new. Eco-activists state that it’s of prime importance to reduce the use of vans when forwarding freight. It will help to reduce air pollution. Yet, the influence of such abandonment on the economy will be catastrophic. Let’s figure out why.

Financial issue

Whether you like it or not, the greater part of business owners pays attention to the price of logistics services initially. This factor is of prime importance for them. Truck shipping is the most profitable one especially when it comes to LTL options. No wonder, entrepreneurs do not appreciate the idea of using extra expensive planes or middle expensive trains.

At the same time, it should be highlighted that in some cases rail shipping may be better. It happens when it’s necessary to transport lots of items at a time. Then, it’s a good idea to give up the use of vans. Moreover, it’s indisputable that rail transportation is more secure. The risks of losing your cargo or receiving damaged items are minimal. 

Coverage area

It’s clear that shipping goods within California differs greatly from shipping products in Alaska. There are still lots of remote areas where there are no railway stations or landing strips. You should keep in mind that making up a good route is a must for successful freight forwarding.

One of the most significant pluses of truck transportation is the ability of vans to reach almost any corner. If logistics is going to abandon this mode, it’s a must to provide business owners with possible alternatives. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the weights of such cargo are essential.


Every business owner wants to get his or her cargo as soon as possible. Sometimes even the tiniest delays may lead to significant financial losses and drops in the supply chain. No wonder, expedited shipping is quite popular. It can be realized only with the help of vans. It’s impossible to even imagine how carriers deliver your cargo via train.

At the same time, air delivery is the fastest way to transport cargo. When it comes to international delivery, you can hardly find the best solution. Yet, the thing is it’s necessary to transport items from the distribution center to the final consumer. Again, the most convenient way to do this is with the help of trailers.  

An ideal solution is to use eco-friendly vehicles. Electric cars are not rare nowadays. Yet, they may replace traditional vans only when it comes to short-distance deliveries. It means you can’t but use intermodal transportation.

So, it’s quite difficult to imagine logistics without trucks. Although there are alternative modes of transportation, they are not able to cover all the needs of modern businesses.