Rural Logistics: Main Peculiarities

Rural Logistics

If you think that effective and timely delivery is a must only for heavy industry, you are wrong. Farmers from all over the world have to face a serious challenge – the greater part of logistics companies is not adapted to the transportation of agricultural products. It doesn’t mean that farmers should transport their goods by themselves. It means they have to look for a proper forwarder carefully.

There are several things they pay attention to. This information may be interesting not only for the residents of California, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Indiana (the most agricultural states in the USA). People who are going to trade agricultural products should know how to deliver and distribute them.

The first peculiarity to mention is the amounts of deliveries and weights of freights. They are really huge. Farmers have to transport lots of products at one time. No wonder, small local logistics firms are not an ideal solution for growers. It’s necessary to hire companies with a wide spectrum of available vehicles. It’s also a good idea to hire a 3PL broker who finds the needed vans and containers for you.

The next essential aspect is the security of the cargo. When transporting harvest, it’s of prime importance to protect it from potential threats such as bad weather conditions. excessive humidity, and even rodents. Before you place an order, it’s better to clarify whether the firm has the corresponding experience, necessary equipment, tools, and knowledge. Otherwise, you risk losing your money, time, and effort.

When looking for an ideal logistics company, it’s necessary to consider the following aspects:

  • Available options.

An ideal solution is when the freight forwarder is ready to fulfill the shipment from start to finish. It means you just provide a broker with data about your cargo, and the specialists pick up the needed vehicles, make up routes, and fill in all the papers;

  • Deadlines.

Depending on the number of available vans and drivers, deadlines may vary from firm to firm. If your goal is to deliver goods as fast as possible, you should consider the use of expedited shipping;

  • Prices.

It’s clear you have to pay for the transportation services. Yet, prices should be reasonable and adequate.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that farmers have their own peak seasons. There are two extremely busy periods for growers – the middle of spring when it’s necessary to receive all the needed supplies and equipment to start gardening. The next busiest period lasts from August to the middle of October. It’s the time when the harvest is gathered and should be delivered to the consumers. It’s better to hire carriers in advance if you don’t want to stay without profit. 

So, the right choice of a freight forwarder is an important step for farmers. It’s necessary to be sure the carrier is able to transport products intact and timely. Luckily, nowadays the assortment of available options is amazing. It’s possible to find a company that meets all your needs, desires, and even budget.