Evolution of the Shipment Transportation

Evolution and types of the shipment transportation

Today we all know that the sphere of shipment transportation is one of the most relevant and necessary ones. It’s hard to imagine the development of any industry or business without fast freight express. But how was it performed in the past? 

The evolution of cargo transportation can be divided into some stages. Firstly, people developed a wheel. Its creation made the transportation process easier to realize. Secondly, people tamed domestic animals. This gave people the opportunity to unload them. It was possible to deliver heavy goods, but not for far distances. Thirdly, people began to design and construct vehicles. As you know, this fact decreased the human factor as well as decreased the time for transportation. In addition, it helped to transfer goods to further destination points. The last type is improved even today. In the past, we could deal only with standard trucks. But today the shippers can deal with refrigerators, special trucks for dangerous cargo, and different vehicles for fast and safe delivery.  

Types of the cargo transportation

Let’s consider the main types of transportation. 

  1. Marine transportations. It is possible to realize them thanks to the containers. This type seems to be the most time-consuming and requires the use of other vehicles. Also, it is important to coordinate all nuances with both the customer and the company which offers such service. The difficulty is that the cargo can be unloaded only at places with enough depth. This type of transportation is considered to be the slowest and the cheapest one.
  2. Railway transportations. They are usually used in industry. The main advantage is a high carrying capacity. Railway transport is rather cheap, so it is popular enough.
  3. Air transportations. It is the fastest way of shipment transportation. It is usually used in situations when you need to deliver cargo to the far destination points with time limitations. Compared other types, air transportation is the most expensive one.
  4. Transportation by trucks. This type includes all the advantages mentioned above. Truck transportation offers high mobility and gives an opportunity to plan and change the route. Also, the driver can control the technical condition of the truck during the run. So being a sender or a recipient, you have a guarantee that the cargo will be delivered on time. 

The working process of many modern companies is tightly connected with freight forwarding. Lots of companies offer such services. The customers appreciate such aspects as speed, quality, and in-time delivery. As for the individuals, truck transportations are also the main component of the delivery of private property. Of course, it affects the demand for the freight express. 

Specialized companies which work in the sphere of cargo delivery do their best to provide the customers with high-quality services. Thus, logistics specialists develop the route. Then they choose the most suitable vehicle and coordinate all nuances with the clients.