A Truck Driver: Pros and Cons

A truck driver

A profession of a truck driver is one of the most relevant and popular. It is usually associated with the romance of the roads and high salaries. But is it true?

When you use the ltl delivery service regularly or just want to send a shipment once, you entrust your cargo to the driver. As a rule, they are responsible, serious, and hard-working people. The drivers need to be physically fit and be ready for stressful situations. Also, they must be able to work without relaxation for a long period. And, of course, they need to have some knowledge about the technical component of the truck. 


Salary. Even a usual driver earns enough. Being a driver, you always have what to do because of country development and a need for cargo transportation.

Friendly colleagues. Severe conditions lead to cohesion. The truck drivers usually help each other in difficult situations which can happen on the road. The practice shows that those drivers who ignore colleagues, don’t work in this sphere for so long. So men, who appreciate male brotherhood and mutual assistance, get both financial and moral benefits. 

Respect. The profession of the driver is not just popular; it is also respected in society. There is an image of a man who drives the full truck. This job seems to be easy, but not everyone can do it properly. 

Romance of the road. Such occupation creates a specific image and aura of masculinity and reliability. 


Family affairs. The truck drivers are often compared with the sailors. The representatives of these professions don’t spend so much time with their families. But some people think that such a way of life is appropriate for them. But most of the drivers miss family members, happy celebrations, and other joys.

‘Tramp’ life. The drivers hardly ever deal with facilities and coziness. Of course, you can think about the arrangement of a cab and arrange the sleeping area. Despite this, the men want to relax in proper conditions after a few weeks of work. 

One more point is a meal. In the long run, drivers suffer from the absence of healthy food. Most of them have to eat a dry and semi-cooked meal, which is not appropriate. 

Defective dream. The road makes asleep even experienced drivers. The constant noise of wheels and engines, as well as the simple landscape along the road, affect the people. Drivers mustn’t sleep at their work, so they need to control themselves. Many representatives of this profession drink a lot of coffee for this aim. But this habit can lead to heart problems. 

Truck delivery is not a competition. Being a truck driver, you don’t drive too fast. First of all, it is because of the cargo. Not all road users understand the specification of the trucks. 

Meeting deadline. Sometimes workers of transportation companies deal with perishable goods. Deadline and sanctions are mentioned in the documents. But it doesn’t matter whether there are unsuitable weather conditions or other unpleasant situations and factors.