Organization of a Long-Measured Cargo Transportation by the Trucks

Organization of a Long-Measured Cargo Transportation by the Trucks

Long-measured cargo refers to the category of oversized ones. So during their transportation by trucks, you must meet all the requirements which are appropriate for the oversized cargo. Transportation companies, which offer such services, must have proper vehicles and experienced staff. It is supposed that the drivers and logistics specialists know how to prepare cargo for further transportation.

Specification of a delivery

Cargo is long-measured if its dimensions are more than the truck length of 6,5 feet. Ordinary drivers can’t deliver such cargo. Usually, delivery is organized with the use of automobile transport. To transfer really large materials, marine vehicles become more relevant. But this mode is still slower and used less than truckload freight delivery. At the same time, such shipments can’t be transported by air vehicles.

When you need to transfer such goods, firstly you need to choose vehicles. A truck is suitable if it fits the load-capacity parameters. Usually, low-frame platforms and tow trucks are used for long-measured cargo transportation.

Peculiar features of transportation

One of the main components of a delivery organization is the loading and unloading processes. As a rule, the representatives of the transportation companies use special facilities and equipment which are managed by them. It is important to perform these operations in places without crowds and heavy traffic. 

During the transportation, long-measured cargo must be fixed by cables. It helps to avoid replacement or roll-over.

As for the width, long-measured cargo is that one which is more than a body on 1,3 feet. Usually, these are wood-processing, reinforced concrete, and metal goods. Also, they are products of the wood-processing industry, metallic profiles, architectural compositions, elements of pipelines, and others. Such a category of production is rather demanding for transportation. 

As it was mentioned above, you need to pay attention to the loading and unloading operations. They are performed by meeting the following requirements:

  • all workers, who take part in the process, must leave the truck;
  • all lifting operations are performed carefully;
  • a special crane is used to load and unload the cargo;
  • it is not allowed to change the position of the cargo manually, as it is rather dangerous and can lead to cargo or truck damage;
  • it’s important to pay attention to the cargo fixation.

To organize a delivery of the long-measured cargos you need to take into account many technical and organizational moments. The transportation company should not ignore the specification of the transferred shipment at the loading stage. A delivery of long-measured cargo is more difficult than transferring oversized ones, as you need to find the most suitable vehicle, consider the situation on the road, and meet safety requirements.