How to Transport Valuable Shipments?

How to transport valuable shipments

Valuable cargo is something that costs much or is too fragile. Apart from the precious stones, museum exhibits, and state papers, rare animals and plants are also in this category of cargo. Performing the transportation of the shipments of this category, you must meet all requirements. Otherwise, it is a high risk of breaking or stealing the items.

According to the international regalement, the following items refer to the valuable cargos:

  • Coins made of precious metals;
  • Precious stones;
  • Brand watches;
  • Banknotes and credit cards;
  • Furs;
  • Masterpieces;
  • Heirlooms;
  • Ceramics and crystal;
  • Mirrors and lamps;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Chemical industry production;
  • Important documents.

How to prepare?

Before transportation you must do the following:

  • Choose a transportation company that has an appropriate reputation.
  • Prepare documents. They depend on the type of cargo and territory. 
  • Develop the route. It is one of the most important points because it affects the safety of delivery. 
  • Pack and plumb.

If you send dishes, you need to protect them from vibration. But if you send books, you need to protect them from humidity. It reaches by the hermetic paper or carton package. An ideal solution is when a package takes the shape of an item and pressures it equally. The state of the package must be checked during the run. You have to fix the cargo with special belts to avoid the cargo moving in the truck. When you deal with professional transportation companies, you can be sure that everything will be arranged properly. Qualified workers know that there is a difference between fixing plants and gadgets. 

As for the loading and unloading, only professionals must do it. It is rather responsible to load and unload valuable cargo. Also, it is important to have special signs on the boxes like ‘Don’t move’ or ‘Attention!’. Valuable shipments are plumbed and marked in the place where they are sent. It is important because of the opportunity to prove that nobody touches them during the run. Usually, the procedure of plumbing is performed in presence of guards, a sender, or a few representatives of the transportation company. 

How to choose transport?

Valuable cargo is not usually delivered by marine vehicles. If a client experiences a short of time, a logistics company can offer air transportation of valuable cargo. But it is used less than truckload freight. Usually, transportation companies use special trucks. Not only the driver but also a guard are on board.  Sometimes a satellite surveillance system is used if necessary. As a rule, a driver needs to keep in touch with a dispatch. Specialists explain that in the case of unordinary situations, the driver can easily and quickly react and signal. 

Depending on the category of the cargo, companies can offer an armored truck. Every transportation company with a good reputation discusses all nuances with the client before the run. There are organizations that work only with fragile or expensive cargo.