Pilotless Trucks for the Logistics Companies

Pilotless trucks for the logistics companies

Pilotless trucks are considered to be a part of robotized future. It seems that everybody who works as a truck driver will deal with them. Transportation and business companies wait when they will appear on the market. But today they are limited in use.

Pilotless truck Tesla

The company that is run by Elon Mask, presented an electric truck in Amerika. It became a true sensation. This piece of news was one of the most popular in the whole world. People, who are interested in truck cargo transportation, were surprised and pleased. This brand is a successful creator. What makes this truck unique?

  • Working resources are awesome. This truck can go around the Earth 40 times.
  • The running start of the module of the truck is 328 thousand feet per hour. 5 seconds are enough for it. For example, a car that works on diesel needs 15 seconds.
  • One charge is appropriate for the route of 2,6 million feet in length. 
  • Such trucks can move in columns one by one performing partial truckload shipping. One driver in the first truck is needed.

Pilotless truck Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known company in the world. Its developers presented a truck which was called Future Truck. The head of the company plans mass-production in 5 years. The trucks have been tested a few times. As a result, pilotless trucks moved more than 1,9 million feet from Germany to the Netherlands. The length of the column was 262,4 feet. The vehicles were synchronized by Wi-Fi. 

Such pilotless vehicles don’t move on the city roads. But you can see them on the international roads. The driver can be in the cab of the truck, who can do something else. The robotized system signals when a driver needs to help drive.

Cargo trucks Otto

This American company performed the first pilotless delivery. There were more than 50 thousand cans of beer in the truck. The length of the road was 656 thousand feet. The vehicle rode at speed as high as 295 thousand feet per hour. A driver was present in the cab, but he worked only while driving through the city. Such a vehicle is rather expensive. It costs above $30 thousand. So, the company specialists are finding a way to slash the cost.

Pilotless modules Charge

British automobile brand presented its electric truck in 2017. Its distinguishing features are quality and simple assembly, which takes 4 hours. Charge Auto aims to create quality pilotless trucks which will be available for different logistics companies. Also, the company plans to present a truck, which load capacity will be 57,3 thousand pounds. One charge will be enough for 524 thousand feet. 

Experts from different countries prove that pilotless technology will be integrated into the sphere of cargo transportation firstly. It is because the long runs on straight roads are the most convenient and safest in driving. This invention will allow the companies to make a large purchase once, and then save money in the future.