Transportation of Cakes and Other Confectionery

Transportation of cakes

Transportation of food is a difficult task that requires responsibility and attention. Confectionary items refer to the special category of products. It requires definite organization of process and meeting sanitation requirements. Cupcakes, cream cakes, and biscuits are perishable products. Their external and taste qualities affect the marketable condition. So it means that transportation must be performed in special cooling facilities or refrigerators.

People will not buy crispy bakeries and cakes if they don’t look fresh. Usually, their storage terms are 3 days. But there are also some sweets which are ready to eat only on production day. So local freight forwarding companies usually plan the route and delivery time properly. Moreover, every dessert needs to be delivered in a special package.

Key requirements for the vehicle

Automobile transportation is one of the most popular ways of delivering products on optimal terms. The quality of the transportation depends on the serviceability of the truck and the integrity of the package. By meeting both requirements, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered in proper conditions. 

Chocolate, marshmallow, biscuits, and other sweets haven’t such storage term limitations as cakes and cream cupcakes do. But it doesn’t mean that you can transport them in incorrect packages during long period of time. Experienced companies must have proper qualifications and provide your cargo with appropriate transportation conditions.

The first thing that you should pay attention to is the package. Usually, producers choose the best package. It can be a bag, a container, or a box for storing sweets. The right choice depends on the special storage conditions. As for the materials of the package, usually cartons, plastic, and plastic wrap are used. 

The second thing that guarantees proper transportation is the quality of the truck. By the way, there is a list of requirements for automobile transport.

  1. The clean body must be processed with disinfectant.
  2. Different kinds of sweets – combined cargo – mustn’t be transported if they have different storage requirements.
  3. A humidity level that is appropriate for the confectionaries.
  4. The temperature regime is appropriate for the definite kind of delivered sweets.
  5. Absence of the smells and other items. The truck which delivers cakes can’t transfer other cargo.

All listed requirements are determined individually. Usually, specially-equipped trucks are used for the proper delivery of sweets. It allows creation of the needed temperature regime and humidity level during the run. If the confectionery production doesn’t have so many requirements, it can be delivered in any truck. But it is possible only when the distance is short enough.

As for the loading and unloading operations, they are usually performed by people. If the trolleys are heavy, mechanized facilities can be used. Piece goods are placed in boxes like some parties. Weight goods are transported in boxes on special trolleys. Warehousing is not desirable as the items can be damaged.