Modern Ways of Cargo Controlling and Monitoring

Modern ways of cargo controlling and monitoring

Recently, only the drivers of transportation companies have been responsible for cargo safety. Also, they had to control an optimal regime to be kept. In addition, only drivers could control the changes in external conditions and pay attention to safety on the roads. But everything has changed. Nowadays, there are digital control devices that allow monitoring of cargo during the run. 

The geolocation of the truck is not the only piece of information that such a device gives. If you cooperate with a reliable and respected logistics broker, you may know that this company uses special sensors. They can work on far distances and show the temperature in the containers, mechanical damage, and so on. We can say that the safety of the cargo is guaranteed thanks to the following devices:

  1. Temperature regime sensors. Almost all food and perishable goods require a special temperature during delivery. Also, ordinary transportations via vans are not appropriate. In these cases, a transportation company uses special refrigerators which are equipped with a special temperature sensor. When something goes wrong, a system alarms the driver, and the problem is solved immediately. Just imagine, what can happen without such a device. A driver can deliver spoiled goods, the recipient doesn’t get the freight he/she waits for, and either recipient or a sender loses money. A small but important device can prevent these problems.
  2. Video recorders. This device is the simplest and the most economical way to send pieces of information about trucks online. Thus, you can control not only the safety of the freight but also the driver’s behavior.
  3. GPS navigators and other devices that work from satellites. They show a detailed line of runs and also show where the cargo is located. Thanks to this data, you can plan a new route, if there is something wrong with the previous one. For example, such manipulations can be intentional during the transportation of valuable freight.
  4. Sensors of size and mechanical damage to the body. Such devices are usually located on the cargo to fix the condition of the transportation or facts of theft during delivery.

Advantages of using controlling devices

The main advantage of controlling devices is real proof of a fault of certain people or force-majeure situations. As a rule, the responsibility of both sides is pointed out in the document. Also, there are criteria for estimating cargo damages. 

Some advantages can differ depending on the certain controlling device:

  • You can always know the exact location of the transportation means and freight.
  • Distance control, during which an expeditor can inform the driver about breaking down inside the system or about the illegal opening of the container.
  • Control the norm of storage goods and the exact following of the route.

Thanks to all controlling devices, you are sure of the safety of your goods and the appropriate conditions of the truck.