Coastal Transportations – Kinds and Peculiarities

Coastal transportations

International cargo transportation of different goods has lots of peculiarities and nuances of process organization. Cooperating with a transportation broker, you may hear the term ‘coastal transportations’. It means that the freight is delivered within two or more countries. Also, this procedure includes the loading and unloading procedures by foreign companies.

If a transportation company or a sole proprietor, who has a special license, can realize such activity. Such a document is issued by a state, where the main loading and unloading operations will be performed, as well as the moving of the cargo. Moreover, the license protects the transportation company from certain risks and force-majeure situations. 

Coastal transportation has its limitations in some countries. Sometimes, they are forbidden as a kind of transport activity. For example, an enterprise or a company can perform 3 coastal transportations in a week in Germany. Also, it can provide a document that allows transportation.

Kinds of coastal transportation

Every international delivery must meet certain standards and requirements that are regulated by the legislation system of the accepting side. Depending on the kind of cargo and aims of transportation, coastal transportation can be different.

  1. Automobile transport of different purposes. It can be performed by trucks, refrigerators, and other vehicles. The company must provide a license on activity, documents on the truck, a certificate of registration, and other documents.
  2. Air freight vehicle. It is used rarely because coastal transportation by air vehicles is forbidden in many countries.
  3. Marine vehicles. Such deliveries can be divided into two categories – marine and river. Transportation by the sea is actual and popular, as there are no mechanical obstacles like bridges. Moreover, marine transportation can be performed within one port. It is about small transportation within a few ports in one state. If we speak about large and oversized freight, it is the most profitable way of delivery. 

Special conditions of coastal transportation

Every country that gives allowance for coastal transportation, regulates this kind of delivery and controls the process at the legislation level. It’s important to consider all nuances of the international commodity turnover to avoid further problems at the customs and while delivering. For example, visiting Italy, you need to have all documents that prove that your transportation activity is legal. Being in Austria, you should not only provide the documents but also follow the terms. Only one coastal transportation is possible in two months. Such kind of delivery is forbidden in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Poland. So if you know that you will deal with coastal transportation in the near future, it’s better to check whether it is allowed and what you must have.