Peculiar Features of Petroleum Products Transportation

Petroleum product is a kind of dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo is a special category of goods that requires certain conditions, attention, and safety rules during their transportation. Petroleum products as a kind of liquid fuel require special attention during transportation because of their dynamic and chemical properties. Let’s consider some characteristics of the products and the delivery conditions that you must take into account while transferring.

Petrol and petroleum products have a viscous structure. If the atmospheric temperature is low, this property can damage the cargo and lead to financial expenditures. So it’s important to deliver such items in specialized fuel tankers. They have a function that allows heating the cistern when the temperature is changing. For example, the optimal temperature is kept all the time during refrigerator transportation.

Before and after the pumping of petroleum products into the cistern, it’s necessary to take preventative measures. Thus, the rest of the petroleum products will not be left in the truck, and it will avoid sudden ignition during delivery.

There is a group of petroleum products that can change their structure and solidify even at high temperatures. It is especially relevant for the long transportations across the country or even between some states. So the pumping of such paraffin substances can be difficult. In some cases, it can be even impossible without decreasing the viscosity of the product. In this situation, you need to heat the cistern until the liquid will not take the needed liquid form.

The fumes of petroleum products are harmful. They can negatively affect not only people’s health but also the environment. The most dangerous petroleum products are gasoline, kerosene, and different kinds of solvents. It’s enough for people to breathe some fumes during the fixing of the truck to be poisoned. Just imagine, what can be done during the transportation. Partial truckload shipping requires a lot of responsibility. And even more, attention must be paid during loading and unloading operations. The workers must work in protective uniforms and masks.

It is also important to use the serviceable technique with appropriate equipment. When you work with poison substances, it’s necessary to use the hermetic pump for pumping petroleum products. The cistern must have a dense hermetic seam and heat retention cover. Thanks to this the liquid will cool slower. 

It must be mentioned that the transportation of oil and lubricants is performed by following strict rules and using special techniques. A vehicle must be labeled with special labels and its route must be around cities.