Top 5 Tendencies That Will Change Logistics in the Future

Internet of Things (IoT)

Speed is the main force that determines the direction of field development in a few years. The clients usually want their goods to be delivered quickly, and it stimulates and leads to transformations in the supply chain. It means from package and marks to storage logistics. Let’s consider 5 key trends that will determine the future of logistics.

Green logistics

The high mobility and speed of ltl delivery that is provided by the world transportation network have a high price. Every year a big amount of harmful greenhouse gasses is emitted into the atmosphere. Electric cars and software that work on an artificial intelligence basis, renewable packages, marine fuel without carbon emissions – all these innovative technologies can minimize the influence of logistics on the ecology.

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain provides logistics companies with constant work in digital networks. This technology allows producers, suppliers, clients, auditors, managers of the warehouses, and other specialists in the supply chain to create a clear and efficient system of transaction records, monitoring assets, and managing documents.

The safety of the supply chain will be higher, and fraudulent schemes will be minimal. It will be possible because of the total clearness, absence of paperwork, and minimal risk of mistakes. 

Automation of logistics and the ‘Internet of Things’

Such methods transform the global market. Internet of Things (IoT) is a connection between devices that are connected by small sensors of different types.

IoT can avoid transportation delays, mistakes that can be done by operators, and situations when cargo is lost or stolen. It is believed that in the future IoT and peripheral devices will be used in supply chain management. It will be useful for getting automated data in real-time. For example, visual and acoustic sensors can predict equipment breaking downs and minimize the risk of a crash during marine transportation.

Usage of chatbots and cobots

Voice chat bots will be used for interaction with participants of the logistic process in the future. They will also perform certain tasks during purchasing, goods acquisition, and so on.

As for the cobots, they are needed for efficient performance of services that concern order processing. They are equipped with a long-range system and can quickly unload trucks and move boxes and trolleys. For example, Amazon has already developed robots that will work in warehouses.

Digital twins technology

Details of constructions are worn out and changed. Earlier their computer models couldn’t show this. The creation of technology ‘digital twins’ changed everything. Today physical and digital worlds can be synchronized, and it will allow for interaction with the digital model of a physical object as with its physical analog. 

There are real possibilities for using ‘digital twins’ in logistics. In the sphere of international transportation, you can gather data about the products and packages thanks to this technology.