The Main Requirements for Warehouses for Storing Freights

The main requirements for warehouses for storing freights Дескрипшен: It’s important to deliver goods to a recipient in proper condition. When the goods are delivered, but a recipient is not ready to get them, an ideal variant is to store cargo in a warehouse. So you need to pay attention not only to a professional transportation company but also to a well-organized warehouse.

Not all transportation companies offer warehouses for temporary placement and storage of goods. In addition, such a bonus can become a key advantage to cooperate with a certain logistics company. An own warehouse allows to store freight of different kinds in proper conditions and to keep its quality for a long time. Sometimes a truck can’t reach a destination point or a delivery is not immediate, so the task of the transportation company is to deliver goods to the warehouse. But you must be sure that goods will be stored in proper conditions. Otherwise, the work of a driver, planning the route, loading operations, and time that was wasted on delivery were in vain.

Requirements to warehouses

One of the most important nuances of warehouse organization is the placement of all products in accordance with loading and unloading operations. So you can optimize the space, and the process of receiving and sending the goods will not take much time.

As for the requirements, they are the following:

  • If you need to store food products, you need to have certificates that prove the quality and ecology of the raw materials. It proves that the product is safe for people and the environment. Frozen products and perishable ones are to be stored in special cooling facilities or refrigerators. The main attention should be paid to the sanitation norms of the warehouse. Light, humidity, and temperature indicators mustn’t be changed during the storing. All of these can lead to the goods’ damage and extra expenditures. Also, when the goods are stored, they can’t be repacked or damaged.
  • If you need to store alcohol items, there must be special partitions from the other kinds of goods. An appropriate temperature regime is +32+77°F depending on the kind of drink. Also, it is important to protect the alcohol items from the sun. 
  • If you complete the freight transportation and need to store medicine, it’s better to consider the next recommendations. The warehouse for such products must meet sanitation and hygienic requirements that regulate the toxicological, physical, and chemical properties of the goods. Moreover, it is important to pay attention to the square of the warehouse. 
  • The main part of international cargo transportation is connected with automobile parts and accessories. There are certain rules for the most appropriate storage of such items. The optimal humidity level must be 60%, and the maximal temperature is 50°F. 

One more point is to keep the warehouse clean. Also, you must remember about fire protection. Any goods, whether food, construction, or industrial, must be under the control of specialists. The warehouses must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and smoke detector. It will help to prevent the fire in the short term. If the explosive dangerous freight is stored, specialists must be even more careful while equipping the warehouse.