Cargos with Special Shipping Conditions – Important Nuances for the Expeditor

special shipping conditions

Items for everyday use, textile, furniture, and other production are the most common consolidated cargos. The practice shows that there are no problems with their document and customs arrangements. Specialized logistics centers and private expeditors have deep knowledge about this question and have the necessary skills for completing documents.

However, some goods require not only special delivery conditions but also meeting certain requirements while other processes are performed like:

  • Loading and unloading operations under special conditions;
  • The use of the special loading equipment and rolling stock while transportation;
  • Preparation of extra vehicles for the automobile shipping (it can be less than truckload shipping as well);
  • Taking measures to avoid risks of goods damage or losses;
  • Following the norms of state, medicine, quarantine, vet, or other control.

As for the expeditor, he/she must put in maximum effort, be patient, and have the deep knowledge to arrange shipping properly. In this case, the sender will not waste time and money. The transportation company that respects its clients usually offers the whole package of services. It includes:

  • Providing the appropriate organizations with detailed information about the goods. It doesn’t matter whether the starting point is Asia, America, or Europe. The owner of the goods is responsible for the deadlines, fullness, and quality of information. To avoid problems during the document arrangement a person should ask about this service in advance;
  • Total check-up of the vehicle and extra equipment before shipping;
  • Loading and unloading operations control;
  • Cooperating with specialists who work in other fields – usually, they are vets and notaries; as for the services, they are insurance services or check-ups of the vehicle by technicians;
  • Arrangement of the extra documents;
  • Responsibility for unexpected expenditures that can appear because of the organization of expensive goods.

Kinds of cargo that require special conditions

It should be mentioned that not all cargos require additional check-ups and detailed control during the shipping process. Just pay attention to some kinds of cargo that make the expeditor to be attentive and professional during the arrangement and organizing of the shipment.

  1. Bulk commodities.
  2. Liquid cargo with special delivery conditions.
  3. Perishable goods.
  4. Cargos that are under state control.
  5. Dangerous cargo.

To organize the shipping of such cargo you need not only to meet all requirements of international transportation but also to have a clear route, a vehicle in good technical condition, a professional team of movers, and an opportunity to control the delivery conditions on every stage.