Containers and their indispensability in cargo transportation

The history of containers started 60 years ago. But today they are so popular and demanded. The popularity is clear because such a package is perfect. The reasons for the high demand are the following:

  • Containers have high strength. They are usually made from steel or aluminium. Thanks to this, it’s rather difficult to damage both packages and cargo. So almost every cargo can be delivered with integrity. Moreover, such a container protects its content from mechanical impacts. It withstands different weather conditions;
  • Appropriate look. Non-transparency is one more advantage of the containers. It means that nobody will know what is placed there;
  • Convenient sizes. Although containers have standard sizes, it is not a problem, it’s an advantage. Of course, some cargo cannot be placed in them. But it is good. Usual machines are used for loading containers on a truck or a ship. So the process of loading is getting simpler. You need less time. Thanks to this, you can perform more tasks and serve more clients.

Kinds of containers

The main kinds of containers are the following:

  • Universal package – 20 and 40 ft. It is easy to replace such packages from one vehicle to another by the multimodal method. They are used for delivery by railway, marine, and automobile transport. If we speak about delivery by train or car, containers are fixed on a special platform. 
  • Package without the hard top. Such containers are suitable for goods that don’t fit in the other package or those goods that need the air flow. Besides the aluminium or steel top, there is a tarpaulin that covers the contents of the container.
  • Refrigerators. Their peculiarity is the possibility to regulate the temperature in dependence on transported cargo. If you need to deliver frozen food, you set an appropriate temperature. So, you can create favourable conditions for the transported cargo. One more nuance of refrigerators is an opportunity to keep the needed climatic conditions. To make it possible, the walls of the containers are covered with polyurethane foam layouts from both sides.
  • Tank-containers. Their shape is like a cistern one. A container is covered by metal mesh outside to protect cargo and simplify the loading and unloading processes.

Containers of the last kind are used to transport different liquids such as milk, juice, mineral water, and even flammable substances. 

Tanks are equipped with a system that acts as a refrigerator. So it’s possible to keep the required climatic conditions inside the tanks. The difference is that tanks deliver liquids, and refrigerators deliver solid cargo.

In conclusion, we can say that there are real reasons for containers to be in high demand. It’s rather easy to use them. Containers protect cargo from mechanical impacts and don’t depend on weather conditions. Different kinds of packages allow you to choose the most suitable ones for a certain type of goods.