Shipment and extra services

Cooperating with a transportation company, potential customers often underestimate its work. They are sure that the service they get can’t cost much. But usually, the price is formed according to all aspects.

The urgency of the order

Dealing with transportation companies, many clients want to deliver cargo as quickly as possible. Sometimes they even ask to meet deadlines that are appropriate for them. There are situations when the senders ask to deliver their cargo on Friday or another day of the week. Having a big customer base, the company can’t start performing new orders immediately. When the client wants his/her cargo to be delivered quickly, the company must hire a driver and pay him. So the cost of transportation can be higher because of the urgency.

Loss of time

Just imagine that the client promised to come for cargo transfer at 6 o’clock and came only at 8. So the truck was staying for two hours because of the client. The fair solution to this problem is to pay for downtime. Moreover, the sum of payment is usually less than the client would pay for two hours of the truck running.

Special cargo

There are some cargo classifications including international ones. Some goods are simple to transport. It’s enough to load them before transporting them on long distances. The other kinds have special requirements. For example, some food products or medicine require special temperature conditions. Explosive substances must be kept from vibrations during transportation. As such types of cargo need attention, the cost of their delivery can be higher than usual. Moreover, the price can be even higher because of the following factors:

  • the necessity of getting special permissions or arranging extra documents;
  • extra wage to the driver because of the high risk, for example, when valuable goods are delivered;
  • extra payments when the dangerous goods are delivered.

Payment for special conditions

Cargo can be delivered on the paid road. There are cases when it is impossible to choose another way. Also, it can be a delivery of a full truck load to the city center and you need special permission for this. The client would pay for it anyway, cooperating with a transportation company or not.

Specification of loading and unloading operations

Sometimes the cargo is too large and heavy, so it is impossible to load it without specialized machines. The usage of loading and unloading equipment increases the price. When people can’t place cargo in the standard way, they need to remove tents. These are extra activities that must be paid for.

Extra services

As the main task of the transportation company is to deliver goods, other activities, for example, loading and unloading operations, have to be paid for. Of course, senders can do them on their own, but the practice shows that they want transportation companies to do everything for them. Sometimes the cargo owners can also pay for insurance, freight forwarding, and other services.