Top 7 interesting facts about cargo transportation

Many people think that cargo transportation is boring and an everyday service. They just know that the cargo is packed, loaded, and delivered. But the world of cargo transportation is rather interesting. And interesting facts listed below will prove it.

  1. Historical chronicle

The first mention of global transportation concerns the time of the Great Silk Road. The camels and horses’ caravans moved through the long way. They carried a lot of eastern goods to European countries. As for its scope, it was an amazing example of the logistics of that time.

  1. German pedantry

Modern door to door transport services don’t amaze you. Modern service of flat moving is also a usual phenomenon. But what will you say about the delivery of the whole building or construction from one place to another? One such impressive example is the transportation of the old church that was performed by the German transportation company. The main nuance was that the church couldn’t be disassembled, as its historical value could be damaged.  The  loading process was realised thanks to the special machines.

  1. Without a ticket

If you think that you can’t travel to different countries inside the iron containers, you are mistaken. The Dutchman Torbjorn C.Pedersen was in many parts of the Earth without a plane ticket. He successfully organised delivery of office goods from one continent to another and travelled with them for absolutely free. He spent time in closed iron containers that were placed on trains or ships. But it isn’t a good idea to repeat his trick.

  1. An important achievement

Did you know that the first carrier who got a driver’s licence and drove a truck was a woman? The story of Lilly McGee Drennan started in 1929. This event was so popular that Lilly got one of the best trucks. There was a sign ‘Madam Drennan’ on her trailer. The driver was also so famous. That’s why she carried a gun wherever she went.

  1. Obvious benefit

Sometimes special vehicles can be developed for certain cargo transportation. An example of such a case was the invention of the expensive and large roller transporter. It was made in Chilli. A transporter delivered massive parts of the astronomical observatory called ALMA. The result of the transportation was a successful delivery of ALMA to a height of 16 thousand ft. It allowed us to observe space objects. That location was one of the clearest air spaces that were available for people. It was impossible to realise without the services of qualified cargo carriers.

  1. Serious tonnage

The Strait of Dover is the most loaded maritime trade route in the world. From 500 to 600 ships go there every day. An interesting fact is that the Strait of Malacca exceeds the number of ships, but it is inferior to the total tonnage of the transported goods. Thanks to this the Strait of Dover has an honorary place in the Guinness Book. 

  1. Large parameters

One of the most unbelievable transportations was the replacement of the oil processing platform called Troll. Its weight was more than 1,5 milliard lb. The delivery was possible only by sea and the procedure was completed.