Storage and logistics future: 3 technological trends

Today global markets, as well as storage and distribution companies, are changing quickly. Moreover, all companies want to get a competitive advantage in other spheres thanks to optimization, mechanization, and automation of the supply chains. It will decrease the cost of storage and distribution and increase effectiveness. In the future, the chain supply will differ from the current one. Some key changes happen in the sphere of white glove logistics, storage, and distribution.

Tracking and reporting

A process of making decisions based not on relevant information and incorrect estimations of the situation will soon be a thing of the past at any business, especially in logistics and storage areas. With the help of satellites and other forms of tracking that are used at each stage of logistics, cargo will be tracked from the starting point to the destination point in real-time. 

Such technologies include RFIDs, GPS, location, and other smart counters. Thanks to the new information that is available to the manager, he/she gets more analytic data to make the right decision. It increases effectiveness, decreases expenditures, and boosts delivery speed. 

For example, this analysis allows us to figure out that fuel-efficient tires can save up to 10% of the company’s fuel. And special training for the drivers on “right” idling can save up to 20% of the company’s fuel.

Changes in industrial production

The development of technologies in industries and production can affect logistics greatly. Robotics, 3D printing, and other unusual production technologies are used in the processing industry all over the world. The cost and time that is needed to create a prototype and a product can be halved. As for the prices, the production also is getting more and more competitive, as these technologies are getting more and more widespread.

Of course, it will influence the supply chains greatly in the near future. Just imagine, that if a robot can be sent to a certain country to produce goods, it will affect international shipment.

Ecological aspect

World economics and Earth’s ecology are under human impact. But at the same time, technologies are like a chance to change the situation. They can help minimize the human impact on the Earth. 

Many modern plants and warehouses work on eco-friendly technologies partly or fully. Usually, they are solar power and electrical loaders. 

The governments of some countries also offer attractive incentives to enterprises that decrease carbon emissions.